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Activity Tables

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Activity tables are some of the most important pieces of furniture in any preschool or elementary school classroom. They are used on a constant basis for class work, games and projects. Attractive school tables can add a lot to your study space and help lessons run smoothly.

Great classroom tables will help improve student work and classroom organization. Which school tables should you get? You should choose classroom tables based on size, shape and color. Hertz Furniture's top-notch selection of activity tables will transform your study space into an inviting learning environment where students are happy and comfortable.

What activities can be done at classroom tables?

School tables can be used for a number of important classroom activities. When you are working on an arts and crafts project, the easiest way to make sure that every student gets the right materials and has an appropriate work space is to seat them around activity tables. This arrangement provides personal work areas that are organized, while at the same time seating students close to one another, which encourages collaboration and interaction.

Academic activities are easy to facilitate and supervise when children are seated at a school table. This arrangement makes it simple for teachers to walk around and observe each student's work. With a few separate activity tables, you can seat students according to different ability levels or subjects so each individual can work on subject matter that is appropriate. This enables educators in a collaborative teaching arrangement to work with various small groups separately. Alternatively, this setup can be used to encourage students to work together and learn how to take advantage of each other's strengths.

What shape activity table should I get?

Certain activity table shapes are particularly helpful to teachers who like to work with intimate groups of students. A kidney or horseshoe activity table provides a perfect space for the teacher to sit and interact with a small number of students. With the teacher seated on one side and all students facing in that direction, it is convenient to supervise individual work or communicate with the whole group. This arrangement is ideal for math groups or reading groups. It can also help when a few students are in need of extra assistance with meeting Common Core State Standards or other learning requirements.

The classic square and round school tables have their advantages as well. A square table gives each child a clear personal space, which minimizes kicking and squishing. Round tables encourage students to work together because all students that are seated around them can see each other. While each of these shapes has its advantages, the right one will ultimately depend on your classroom layout.

In addition to having classic and convenient table shapes, we also offer a number of fun classroom tables with creative configurations. Trapezoid-, flower-, clover- and plus-shaped school tables create engaging work spaces. Whichever shape or shapes you choose, school tables also provide a great place for snack time, and even mealtimes.

What is a good color for an activity table?

Any color that will entice your students and make a classroom more inviting is a great choice. You can add some enriching color to your preschool or daycare with Educational Edge activity tables. Brightly-colored accents introduce a little touch of vibrant hues that will create a more friendly and inviting space. Educational Edge activity tables have colored edge banding and some include colored legs and ball glides as well.

How do I know what size school tables to get?

Make sure to note the heights of the school tables you are considering for your classroom. Adjustable-height tables offer the ultimate in flexibility because they can be adapted to suit students of various ages and sizes. If you work in an early-childhood center or daycare, toddler tables are essential. When little ones have appropriately-sized preschool tables, it is easier for them to learn proper posture and develop motor skills.

In addition to the classic school table model, we also have specialized classroom tables. If you want to add some desktop computers to your study space, we have a wonderful selection of computer tables that will serve your students well. For the preschool or daycare learning space we also have sand and water tables which facilitate fun skill-building activities.

Don't underestimate the potential impact of appropriate classroom furniture on the learning and overall educational experience of your students. Hertz Furniture has the activity tables you need to provide the ideal space for your students, no matter what your classroom setup is. Our classroom tables come from top school furniture manufacturers including Academia, Mahar Manufacturing, ECR4Kids, Allied Plastics and Wood Designs.