CPU Holders

CPU Holders
Preserve and protect your valuable desktop computer. A CPU holder keeps your computer up and off the floor where it is safe from spills and less susceptible to dust accumulation. Holding your CPU at an accessible height, you no longer have to stretch to insert disks or switch the power on and off.

Some of our CPU stands can be attached to either the inside or outside of a table leg, so you can choose your ideal arrangement. Many of our computer tables and desks have the option of a CPU shelf. This enables you to attain a perfect fit and a professional look.

When you are arranging your computer lab or office, you have to take all of the components of each computer into consideration. If you plan on placing your CPUs on the tabletops, that will take up work space and minimize the room you have for accessories such as a mouse, keyboard and speakers. When a CPU is placed under the table, it can dominate legroom. A CPU holder keeps your computer positioned properly to maximize space on the work surface and under the table.

This convenient accessory is useful in any professional or educational setting. In a computer lab where there are many desktops in a row, it can be tricky to figure out which CPU corresponds to each monitor. When this holder is mounted to the corresponding table, it is easy to recognize which screen it is attached to.

If you are concerned about ensuring that your office has a professional appearance, you need to make sure that your desks are arranged in an organized fashion. When computer components are arranged in a haphazard way, an office can look messy and disorganized. A CPU compartment that is built into an executive desk creates a neat and efficient workspace that reflects professional expertise.

When you have computer carts in schools or offices you have to keep all components of your desktop in one place. If parts of the computer don’t have a place on a cart, they might get lost in the shuffle or damaged. In order to ensure that your CPU always travels with a monitor and keyboard, it is a good idea to attach a CPU holder to your computer cart. With this arrangement, nothing will be lost or forgotten, even when a desktop has to be moved quickly or without warning.

The ideal placement for a CPU shelf depends on the arrangement of rooms and furniture. This convenient accessory can be mounted to the inside or outside of a table leg. Mounting on the outside of the leg maintains open leg room under the work surface. Mounting on the inside of the leg prevents tripping because there won’t be anything bulky sticking out from the table. Another option that is available with certain models including the Quattro table from Bretford is to have a compartment that rests in the bridge between attached desks.

A fully ergonomic work space has to have every component of the desktop in the proper position. In order to eliminate stretching and maneuvering that is often required to access buttons and disk drives, it is important to ensure that the CPU is in the proper position. If it rests on the floor, it will often be out of easy reach. CPU shelves keep this important computer component at an accessible height, so no one will have to stretch in order to reach.

The optimal computer work space arrangement includes a swivel CPU holder. This versatile setup enables any part of the piece to be accessed for hookups, plug-ins or adjustments. It facilitates better cable management and easy access to data ports for a smooth work day and computer experience.

Hertz Furniture has the computer-friendly accessories you need to have an efficient office, computer lab or computer cart. A CPU holder helps you stay organized and healthy. If you need help determining the ideal CPU stand arrangement or model for your furniture, contact the Hertz Design Center.

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