Cafeteria Furniture



What kind of tables should you put in the school cafeteria? Whether you prefer cafeteria tables, bistro tables or folding tables, this collection has everything you need to furnish your eating space. From banquet tables to folding chairs and everything in between, you can get it all at great prices from Hertz Furniture.

When you are arranging a cafeteria, make sure that you don't forget the details. Well-placed trash cans will encourage students to keep the space neat while letterboards keep them informed. When it comes to creating the best space, you can count on the experts in the Hertz Design Center to get the job done right.

What is a good way to set up the school cafeteria?

Thinking of everything you will need in the cafeteria at once can be quite overwhelming. To get over the initial anxiety, it's good to start off with a basic idea of how you want to lay out your space. The classic lunchroom setup with long cafeteria tables just doesn't work for everyone. Many people prefer the intimacy and flexibility of some modern bistro tables or even retro-style diner booths. Each of these options has its advantages, it just depends on what you are looking for. Of course, if you choose folding tables or cafe tables, you will also have to think about what kind of seating options will make the best fit.

Lunchroom tables are the obvious starting point for those who like the classic style of long cafeteria tables. Because they take up the most space and serve as the focal point of the room, they need to be given some serious consideration. There are many different seating options for those who go with this choice. There are stools, benches and chairs with backs in many different colors and materials. Cafeteria tables also come in many different shapes, so you can enjoy a contemporary twist on the classic design.

One main feature that has to be taken into account whenever lunchroom tables are being considered is transport. Many of today's cafeteria tables have built-in wheels so they can be moved around when positioned correctly. They can usually be folded in half and rolled into place. Some even lock in the half-folded position for easy floor cleaning. This is extremely helpful since moving big bulky tables to the side of the room in order to clean the floors can be quite a hassle.

How can I make the school cafeteria more inviting?

If you are looking for something cozy and classy, bistro tables will make your cafeteria feel more like an upscale cafe or restaurant. They are available in counter height and regular height so you can decide which is best for your space. Unlike long cafeteria tables where many people can sit at the same table but it is harder to hear people that are seated at the opposite end, cafe tables are smaller, so everyone can see and hear each other easily.

If maximum flexibility is your top priority, banquet tables are the way to go. They come in tons of shapes and sizes. When you want to rearrange the space, these folding tables can simply be folded up and stowed away in the storage closet. Foldable tables can be used in many different venues for various purposes, so they come in handy outside the cafeteria as well.

If you choose folding tables, you will definitely want an efficient way to move them around. Table carts come in many different models so you can find the right one for the shape of your tables and your desired capacity. When you can move many tables at once on a single table dolly, the processes of setup and cleanup run smoothly and efficiently. Just make sure that your table caddy of choice will fit the folding tables you have or plan on purchasing.

What kind of seating is ideal for a school lunchroom?

Once you have chosen your tables, you are ready to start thinking about seating options. If you have lunchroom tables with attached benches or stools, you can skip this step. If you chose banquet tables or cafe tables, you will need some chairs or bar stools. When you choose tables and chairs separately, you get the added advantages of using them for many different purposes and easier storage.

Folding chairs are extremely flexible. When you want to move them around or clean the floor. they can simply be folded up and moved out of the way or put into the storage closet. Because they tend to be the most lightweight option, getting them into position is no big deal. Folding chairs can be padded or unpadded. Padding makes a more comfortable seat and will give chairs an upscale look, which is especially nice if you plan on using them for special events.

To combine flexibility and elegance, banquet chairs make a great selection. They are available in tons of designs and patterns so they can be coordinated with decor or even bring a new flair into your space. Cozy cushioning makes stacking chairs appropriate for banquets, concerts and other events where people are sitting down for long stretches of time. Banquet chairs are easy to arrange and can be stacked up in no time when you want to clean up or move things around.

While stacking and folding certainly make transport easier, chair carts make the whole process virtually effortless. Carts aren't only helpful when you want to move chairs around, they are also perfect for storage. Rather than having to haul stacking chairs into the closet and haul them back out, they can simply sit on the chair dolly where they are ready to roll into place at a moment's notice.

For those counter-height cafe tables, regular folding chairs and banquet chairs just won't cut it. Counter-height stools are what you need so the seating will fit with your tables. They are the finishing touch that will complete a cafe-style atmosphere. When seated on them, students will feel like they are at a coffee shop rather than a school cafeteria.

What other cafeteria furniture does a school need?

Once the tables and chairs have been chosen, there are many other little details that can make a big difference. All students will find themselves in the cafeteria at some point or another during the day, so it's the perfect place for announcements. A strategically-placed message board will keep everyone informed with all of the important information neatly displayed. A message board can be used to remind students about upcoming events or even post the day's lunch menu.

How can you keep the school lunchroom clean and organized?

It's not hard to be green at school when you furnish the cafeteria with the right trash cans and recycling bins. With appropriate waste-management materials, that are placed in convenient locations, students will be encouraged to clean up after themselves and keep the lunchroom neat. There is nothing less appetizing than a disgusting cafeteria floor full of food and garbage. With some well-placed garbage bins and recycling cans, you can limit the mess and encourage students to take charge. Worried that commercial trash cans will interfere with the decor in your lunchroom? Garbage cans don't have to be ugly or boring. Hertz Furniture has trash bins in all shapes and sizes that can even coordinate with or enhance your decor.

Keeping the lines moving during lunchtime is the only way to make sure that every student has enough time to sit down and eat. Crowd control stanchions prevent mobs and maintain an orderly system so every student can get their lunch as quickly as possible. Crowd control barriers can also block off an area that is reserved for special purposes such as cleaning or an event.

If you want to block things off and keep them out of sight, portable partitions will get the job done. They split the cafeteria into sections, offering a great way for teachers to keep track of young students in elementary school. Room partitions can also come in handy if there are designated areas for certain classes or if you are using the lunchroom space for a show, exhibition or other special purpose and you want to limit distractions. They can also block off stacks of extra chairs and prevent students from playing on them.

Whether you need a complete lunchroom makeover or you just want to replace some chairs, Hertz Furniture has everything you need to complete your space. If you are looking for the best cafeteria tables, folding chairs, message boards, and more, you have definitely come to the right place. School furniture can be a considerable investment, especially when you are purchasing a lot of different things at one time. If you need help budgeting and figuring out the logistics of payment, don't hesitate to contact our financing department.