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Your students and staff will eat in comfort when seated at sturdy, attractive cafeteria tables from Hertz Furniture. What is the best cafeteria table arrangement? With a variety of styles, colors, sizes and seating options, you can find the perfect arrangement for your eating space. Increase mealtime efficiency with our dependable lunchroom tables.

Looking for an alternative to large tables? Turn any eating space into a classy bistro with an attractive cafe table. Bistro tables lend an upscale look to any cafeteria or dining area. Overwhelmed by the options? Whatever your preferences are, Hertz Design Team is here to help you determine the optimal choice to suit your needs.

We offer classic rectangular school cafeteria tables in different lengths with various surface and edge materials. While some materials might cost less in the short term, in the long run better materials provide increased longevity. Special edge banding is a worthwhile investment because it keeps away germs and prevents food from building up and corroding the table surface.

What are the best tables for a school cafeteria?

Traditional lunchroom tables have built-in bench-style seating. While this is an excellent option, there are additional choices to choose from. You may prefer a cafeteria table with attached stools or chairs. This gives every student a clearly defined place to sit, and each seat has separate entry points. Chairs swivel around so students can easily turn to face the principal or teacher during lunchtime announcements.

The convertible table bench option offers maximum versatility. This unique style provides two flexible arrangement options. For classic style school lunch tables, simply combine two units. To use this convertible option as a bench, simply flip the table top over and you have an instant bench with back support. This arrangement is a great choice if you like to use your cafeteria as an assembly hall as well.

Where can I find an alternative to regular cafeteria tables?

You don't have to choose a classic table setup in order to get a great selection. For those who don't want attached seating, plain cafeteria tables without attached seating are available. This option lets you choose any kind of chair. Hertz Furniture also has preschool picnic-style bench tables so little ones can sit comfortably at appropriately-sized tables during lunch time. For an alternative to the classic rectangular configuration, circle, square and oval models are available. Circular lunchroom tables create a more intimate and friendly feel because students seated around the table can see each other easily. Oval tables enable students to sit closer together so they don't have to yell in order to have a conversation.

How can you clean under lunchroom tables?

Most of our lunchroom tables fold for easy cleanup and mobility. Many lock in a partially-folded position, providing access to the floor under the table for cleaning, without requiring the table to be completely folded or moved. Folding cafeteria tables lock in the fully-folded position and roll out of the way on attached wheels.

How can I make the cafeteria more appealing?

While many lunchrooms have long cafeteria tables, for some cafe tables are a much more enticing choice. They will transform a regular cafeteria into an upscale dining area. This option is great for student cafes and staff lounges. Intimate cafe tables offer a great spot for coffee breaks, small lunch meetings and study sessions. Their informal yet classy appeal will keep students, employees and clients comfortable.

Our tables come in both counter height and regular height. Counter-height tables offer the unique advantage of separating those seated around them from the hustle and bustle of a busy eating area. They look great with a few sleek bar stools and can really enhance an eating space. Regular-height tables are great because they will fit with an average-size chair so you don't have to order special seating for them.

What table shape should I get?

Tabletops are available in a selection of shapes and colors. Round tables create an intimate feel and enable everyone seated around them to see each other and converse easily. Square tables give each person a clear individual space. We have rectangular tables as well. All shapes come with a choice of surface finish colors that can be coordinated with your decor.

Is it better to get booth seating?

Restaurant-style tables with attached cafe booths have a unique appeal that can really spice up an eating space. They are a great choice for an area with retro-themed decor. Other advantages of attached seating are that you will never lose track of the chairs in your eating area and you can be sure that attached chairs are an appropriate height for the tables.

When purchasing bistro tables, you should consider what your ideal seating capacity is. If you want to encourage social interaction, a higher seating capacity is a good choice. If you prefer a more intimate feel, smaller tables are the way to go. Seating arrangements also impact the feel of your tables. Individual chairs are appropriate for both formal and informal settings while booth seating adds a fun and unique flair.

Where can I get adaptable tables?

Do you host a lot of fundraisers or theme nights? Is your eating area also used as a multipurpose room? Does your cleaning staff complain about the difficulties of reaching under tables to clean? OFM has the solution to all of your problems. Their flip-top tables can be folded compactly via one-handed release. Bases feature a unique design that enables compact nesting when tops are flipped down. This convenient setup is perfect for institutions that need to keep tables in storage or clear them away frequently.

At Hertz Furniture, we know how important it is to have a comfortable and appealing space to eat in. We offer great cafe tables, cafeteria tables and bistro tables that are sure to be a hit with your students, employees and clients. Our tables come from dependable manufacturers including Barsky Fleming, KFI, Midwest Folding Products, National Public Seating and Amtab. You can choose a few tables of the same style, or break up the monotony with unique shapes and colors. Whatever you need to properly furnish your lunchroom, Hertz Furniture will help you find the perfect option for your space.

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