Oval Cafeteria Tables Stool Units, Cafeteria Tables

Oval Cafeteria Tables Stool Units

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Oval Cafeteria Tables Stool Units

Is your student-body size causing the volume in your cafeteria to be out of control? Our new Oval Cafeteria Tables Stool Units are designed for dense areas where you want students to have open lines of communication with each other and not have to raise their voices. More seating and less noise - the perfect combination. These tables are also designed so that they can be folded up and stored with ease.


  • Reduces cafeteria noise level.
  • Torsion bar lift assist for easy folding.
  • Casters automatically lift from floor when unit is open.
  • Stools are 13"dia.
  • Stools are reinforced with 12 tapered ridges underneath.
  • Obstacle free entrances.
  • Reduces operating costs - easily fold table and chairs in one move.
  • 29"H tables have 17"H stools.
  • 27"H tables have 15"H stools.
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