Stow-Away Mobile Stool Units, Cafeteria Tables

Stow-Away Mobile Stool Units

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Stow-Away Mobile Stool Units

Convenient Stow-Away Fold & Roll Mobile Stool Units
Midwest Mobile Stool Units reduce operating costs while improving the comfort and safety of your students, faculty and guests. Obstacle-free entrances allow access to each seating position without having to step on or over supports near the floor. Quality crafted, heavy-duty construction makes Midwest Mobile Stool Units your best value.


  • Exclusive Easy-Clean feature makes floor cleaning faster and reduces back strain.
  • Special heat treated alloy steel torsion bars provide the power to fold units easily.
  • Moving parts are completely concealed to prevent bacteria-breeding food elements from collecting.
  • Casters automatically lift from floor when unit is opened for use, making sure your unit stays neatly aligned.
  • Casters have treaded stems, and are secured to solid steel inserts, welded and concealed neatly inside the caster support tubes.
  • Optional 3/4"-Thick, Seven Ply, AC-Grade Plywood Core Tops offer greater strength to resist breakage at critical areas, including corners and edges. Call for pricing.
  • PermaTuff Edge Protection improves durability and helps maintain proper sanitation. Polyurethane epoxy resin is chemically bonded to the top's plastic laminate surface, core material and backing sheet to form a sanitary seal against bacterial formation from trapped food elements.

    NOTE: Units are 29" high with 17"-high stools (16-seat units are 28" high with 15"-high stools). When 27"-high units are specified, stools are 15" high.

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