Chair Carts

Chair Carts
Whether you need to stack, store, or move a high volume of chairs, our chair dollies present the optimal solution. Make sure that you choose a model that will fit well in your storage space and can support the kind of seating you have. Need to move tables around with your chairs? We even offer chair trucks that can accommodate tables as well.

What is the fastest way to move chairs? Our chair carts and dollies are designed to be used repeatedly on a daily basis. They are easy to maneuver and maintain. Give your staff a break and reduce labor costs by having a chair dolly around the next time you have to set up a big event.

How can I save time when setting up for big events?

Lugging folding chairs and stacking chairs around takes a lot of effort and can put a considerable strain on the body. When seating has to be manually carried from room to room, setup can take hours and be thoroughly exhausting. It is worth investing in something that can speed up the process of setup and cleanup, because in the end this will save time and manpower.

A chair truck is just what you need to move around all of your temporary seating. With many chairs stacked or lined up on one mobile unit, everything can be moved into position in one trip, and all that is left to do is set up seating in the desired arrangement. Hertz Furniture offers chair caddies in a selection of styles and arrangements so you can choose the model that best suits your seating and storage space.

How do I choose a chair dolly?

For those who are purchasing chair dollies along with their folding chairs or stack chairs, we have a number of carts that are designed for particular chair models. Even if you have already chosen your seating, it is important to make sure that the caddy selection can support the style and capacity you need. Having a Read Across America Day event? Hosting a large wedding? Giving a parent info session about STEM education? There are chair trucks which are model-specific, as well as universal carts, that can help you set everything up as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What are the different kinds of chair carts?

There are lots of factors that distinguish different types of chair carts. After verifying that a storage capacity and model will fulfill your needs, it is a good idea to ensure that the folding chair cart is easy to push and maneuver. Some models are designed as rolling platforms which chairs are placed on, but don't necessarily have separate handles. This design might work if chairs just need to be moved across the room, but if they have to travel longer distances, it will be easier to steer with a handle at an appropriate height. Some high-capacity folding chair racks even feature adjustable handles which hold chairs in place even when the cart is not stocked to full capacity.

Chair caddies come in various configurations. The ideal style depends on where they are going to be kept, how many chairs need to be moved, and how far they are going to travel. Compact folding chair carts models on which chairs are hung conserve floor space but can be challenging for one person to steer independently. There are also high-capacity caddies which support long rows of chairs. This design ensures that someone who is steering the cart can easily see over the contents, but it also takes up a significant amount of floor space.

Are there special chair carts for stacking chairs or high capacity?

When setting up for a banquet, production or other formal event, it is always helpful to have a convenient way to move chairs around. Stacking chairs are easy to transport because they can simply be stacked on an appropriate chair dolly and rolled away in a neat pile. This design doesn't take up extra space in storage and ensures that chairs are ready to go at a moment's notice.

Sometimes special events and situations necessitate particular chair cart models. Double-wide chair dollies have an incredibly high capacity which enables all seating that is needed for large events to be moved in one easy trip. This arrangement is perfect for outdoor ceremonies or setting up a gym or social hall as a temporary performance space. When both tables and chairs are needed for an expo or seminar, you can still enjoy the convenience of transporting everything in one trip. Our combination chair caddies and table carts

enable all necessary furniture to be moved together.

Hertz Furniture's chair trucks are built for convenience and durability. They come from reliable manufacturers including National Public Seating, OFM and Huffman Welding. When choosing between the models, be sure to verify that your chair cart of choice will fit the seating you have. If you need help figuring out how to match up capacity, model and style to suit your needs, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.

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Hertz Furniture is proud to offer over 4,500 items that are made in the USA. We have everything you need to furnish your school, office or place of worship. From chairs, desks and tables to stages, podiums and partitions, we have a great selection of American made furniture.

When you buy from Hertz Furniture, you don't need to compromise on ideals or preferences. You get great warranties, quality and designs all with the additional benefits American made products. With everything from office desks to school chairs conveniently organized on this one Made in USA page, you can definitely afford to buy American.

There are lots of reasons to look for school furniture that is made in the USA. If we want to teach our students to be patriotic, we need to demonstrate our own patriotism in the classroom. By furnishing a learning space with American made school desks, student chairs and bookcases, we send a message to children that we are proud of our country and our home-grown goods. They will understand that there are many reasons to be proud to be an American.

When you go shopping for furniture made in the USA, make sure to really check the label before purchasing anything. While some companies might claim that they are only using American labor, it is possible that certain steps in the assembly process are happening overseas, or that international parts are being used with the assembly process in America. It is important to demonstrate to manufacturers, the American public and the world that it does make a difference to consumers when they have furniture made in America.

There are tons of benefits to purchasing made in USA furniture. First of all, America has very strict standards regarding pollution in product production. When you buy American, you help keep a cleaner environment for the future of our children. When you purchase products without looking for the made in USA label, you don't know what they might contain or what kinds of conditions they were made under. Products from overseas might have been made under substandard working conditions, in factories which are causing tons of air pollution or using child labor.

American labor standards and worker conditions ensure that your office furniture is only produced under acceptable conditions. Made in the USA products have been manufactured through processes which take into account the safety of the workers, the quality of the products and the impact on the environment. When you buy American, you celebrate our country's independence and promote a self-sufficient economy.

When you buy domestically-produced furniture, you can feel good about your purchase. It's great to know that it was made under particular conditions, in compliance with strict standards. You also know who made it. The production of American made furniture creates jobs for our country's citizens. It is always important to support the American labor force, and buying furniture made in the USA is a mutually-beneficial way to do so.

At Hertz Furniture, we know what is important to the American consumer. With our wide array of American made furniture, you can be patriotic and still rely on the quality, style and reliability you have come to expect from Hertz Furniture. So next time you are looking for furniture made in the USA, you can simply come to this page to buy American. Need help choosing which great models will fit best in your space? The experts in the Hertz Design Center will be happy to help with free project-planning advice.