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How do you dress up banquet chairs? Stately chair covers add a touch of real elegance to your classic banquet chairs. Whether you are looking to update worn-out seating or create a fancier option for formal occasions, chair slipcovers are a budget-friendly and attractive choice. With this versatile solution, your chairs will look brand new in a matter of moments.

Hertz Furniture's beautiful chair covers are great for weddings, banquets and chapel seating. They offer easy cleaning that will save both time and money. If you need a tasteful, cost-effective way to give your old chairs a whole new look, try Hertz Furniture's beautiful chair slipcovers.

Do you have stacking chairs in your chapel or sanctuary? If you use stack chairs as church chairs, but you prefer a more elegant look that befits a place of worship, chair covers can give you the best of both worlds. You can have the flexibility and easy setup of regular stacking chairs with the grace of rich hues and classy patterns. This style also eliminates the discordance of metal and fabric by giving all of your seating a completely uniform appearance.

How can I get chairs to look nicer for special events?

If you host banquets and conferences in your social hall, you want to make sure that the furniture has an appearance that is befitting of the occasion. While portable chairs might have the flexibility that you need as well as comfortable cushioning, they are often lacking the majestic dignified appearance that you want for formal occasions. When you slide a chair slipcover onto your banquet chairs, they suddenly gain stately simplicity that will impress guests and participants.

The graceful gentility of soft ornate fabrics will have a significant impact on any space. Our chair covers are available in a selection of fabric styles and hues. You can choose between Damask and Tuxedo Stripe fabric to create the effect that best befits your space. If you like both, you can order a combination of the two options or even get a few different sets.

In addition to colors and styles of fabric, you may also choose to add an extra touch of flair. An elegant bagel stripe in a complementary color can be coordinated with wallpaper or tablecloths. You may also add a complimentary piece with a bow tied in the back. The sash option is a great way to add something unique and special without having to spend a lot of money. Chair covers and sashes can be two different colors or even the same color if you prefer.

How do I keep my banquet chairs in good condition?

Banquet chair covers can protect new upholstery for long-term use. Spot-cleaning a chair can be time-consuming, and is not always completely successful. When you have removable covers, you can just slide them off and throw them into the wash to remove stains and spots.

Another huge advantage of chair slip covers is the ability to match them to a theme. Rather than choosing a neutral upholstery color that will match with almost anything, you can really make a statement by coordinating color and style for a particular occasion. Additionally, when you have a few sets of chair covers, you won't have to rush to wash them when you have events two days in a row.

What is the easiest way to clean banquet chairs?

The easiest way to clean chairs is to have a chair cover that you can simply throw in the wash. When you use chairs in any setting that involves food and drinks, they are bound to get stained on a regular basis. When you have the security of easy removal and cleaning, there is no stress involved in the event of accidental stains and spills. Easy-cleaning also makes chair covers appropriate for outdoor events. With this versatile option, you can hold an elegant outdoor wedding ceremony without fretting over grass stains.

Hertz Furniture's stately banquet chair covers will greatly enhance stacking chairs old and new. Their easy cleaning and setup makes them an excellent option for any institution. Contact the Hertz Design Center today to beautify your stacking chairs with the high-class charm of chair slipcovers that is befitting your institution.