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Chair Trucks

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Hertz Furniture's chair dollies and chair carts are designed to increase the life of your folding and stacking chairs by reducing strain on the chairs when you move them from room to room. This easy transport solution saves a lot of time, manpower and frustration.

What is the best way to move folding chairs? We offer a number of different folding chair carts which fit well with our selection chairs. Many of our chair trucks have an extremely high capacity - so you may just be able to transport all of the seating you need in one smooth trip. This cost-effective purchase will greatly benefit any institution that uses temporary seating.

How can I save time when arranging a room for an event?

Your employees and volunteers are busy people, so you don't want to waste their time with unnecessary tasks. One kind of heavy lifting which can easily be avoided is manual chair transport. With a simple chair dolly, all of the seats you need can be moved to virtually any desired location swiftly and easily. This simple solution will make everyone's job a whole lot easier.

Stack chairs are easy to move from place to place because they just need to be stacked. Our stacking chair carts enable you to simply steer the whole pile into your social hall or sanctuary and back out again. This option in great for moving church chairs to a temporary worship location or setting up a large room for a banquet.

What kind of folding chair cart should I get?

Folding chairs can be arranged on a folding chair rack in a number of different ways. They can be hung in two rows, lined up in the folded position or stacked, depending on the layout of the cart. The ideal setup depends on the design of your chairs, how many you have and what the arrangement is in your storage space. You can even try a double-wide chair cart which allows you to move two whole rows of chairs on one cart.

How should I store my folding chairs?

Folding chair carts are just as convenient when they are stationary as they are when they are in transit. Though stack chairs are designed to be piled up high, most folding chairs are not built to stand on their own in the compact folded position. A chair cart can be left in the storage room or custodian's closet while fully-stocked, so chairs will not fall over and can remain in the most efficient arrangement.

Before purchasing a chair cart, be sure to verify what kind of chairs it is designed for. Many folding chair dollies are designed for specific chair models. This is a convenient arrangement if you have already ordered chairs from Hertz Furniture, or you are currently choosing chairs. The easiest thing to do is of course to order the chair dolly along with the chairs that it is built for. If you aren't sure which chairs you have, you have a model that does not have a custom carrier, or you want a means of transport that works with a number of models, we also offer a universal chair cart.

Whether you are arranging a social hall, sanctuary, gymnasium, banquet or seminar, a chair truck will definitely come in handy. Anywhere you use temporary seating, you need a good way to get chairs from one place to another without damaging them. If you need help making sure that you order the right chair dolly, you aren't quite sure what the best choice is, or you just want a second opinion, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.