Church Chairs

Church Chairs
Top quality church chairs are a must for any place of worship. What kind of chairs should you get for the sanctuary? Congregants are sure to appreciate the luxury of comfortable and attractive church pew chairs. Hertz Furniture offers a full line of beautiful chapel chairs to fit any size sanctuary or budget.

Whether you are looking for pew-style seating, banquet chairs or pulpit chairs, we have a wide variety of styles. At Hertz Furniture, we offer the selection you need to coordinate your church furniture in an appealing style.

Should we get special pulpit chairs?

Pulpit seating is important because it gives clergy members the dignity and respect they deserve. An attractive pulpit chair projects and air of scholarly authority that is worthy of your religious leadership. We offer high-back pulpit seating in colonial and natural wood styles. The frame color is complemented by soft regal fabric and comfortable padding.

What kind of church chairs are easy to rearrange?

If flexibility is what you want, stacking chairs are the optimal choice for your sanctuary. They are comfortable to sit in, yet easy to setup, cleanup and store. We have stacking chairs in a wide variety of styles, colors and upholstery choices. With such a wide selection, you can easily coordinate with any decor.

If you plan on setting up, cleaning up, storing and re-arranging often, it is important to make sure that your chairs are properly equipped. Stacking bumpers are important, especially if you plan on doing a lot of fast changeovers. They prevent church chair frames from getting scratched so they will maintain a respectable appearance that is worthy of a house of worship.

Heavy-duty stack chairs provide the utmost in support. Their extra-thick padding ensures that congregants remain comfortable throughout the service, sermon and announcements. With such cushy support, your members won't mind if the service runs a few minutes late. When you purchase the right church chairs, you ensure that worshipers can concentrate on the service rather than worrying about back and knee pain.

How can I make chairs look like pews?

Roll-Front church chairs from KFI create pew-like rows for flexible seating that has the appearance of permanence. They can be used individually or ganged together for bench-style seating. Thickly-padded winged backs make these chapel chairs extra cozy. They feature built-in lumbar support which will keep your congregants properly positioned through choir performances, speeches and ceremonies.

How can I make church furniture look nicer?

Upholstery is an important component of your church chairs. Attractive upholstery can greatly enhance the appearance of your sanctuary. Our chairs are upholstered in either vinyl or fabric. Fabric is soft and luxurious. Vinyl is easy to clean and resistant to rips and tears.

There are a number of optional features that can greatly enhance the experience of everyone in your house of worship. Arms provide great support. Need a place to put your Bible, prayer book or hymns? There are two ways that you can equip your chairs with a built-in book space. One option is the book pocket which matches perfectly with chair upholstery and goes on the back. Alternatively, a book rack rests under the seat for another great storage option.

Great church chairs enhance the worship experience of every member of your congregation. Comfortable and luxurious seating will help your congregants concentrate on services and prayers. Our wide selection of church pews is sure to enhance your house of worship. If you are confused about how many chairs you can fit in your space, or you just need some help choosing the right fabric, call the Hertz Design Center today.

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National Public Seating brings you durable budget-friendly furniture for your school or house of worship. Choose from a huge selection of banquet chairs, folding chairs and stages to furnish an auditorium or social hall. With specialized items such as music stands and lab furniture, you can ensure that every room in your school has top-quality furniture.

NPS furniture is exceptionally durable. It is built to withstand many years of arrangement, folding and repeated use. These Certified Green items are great for your institution and the environment. When you are looking for high-quality school and church furniture, NPS risers and folding tables will get the job done right.

Whether you are in a classroom, auditorium or sanctuary, having the right chairs will make everyone's experience much more pleasant. Proper seating enables students, congregants and participants to remain focused on what is going on around them and maximize their productivity. NPS chairs are designed for easy arrangement and maximum support.

Transform your gym into a complete performance space with folding chairs and stages. A selection of portable stages which can be ganged together in a variety of formations enables you to turn any open space into an instant auditorium. Once the stage is set up, the audience will need a place to sit and watch. You can choose from our selection of folding chairs and stacking chairs to create the ideal arrangement for your space.

Not all stacking chairs and folding chairs are alike. They come in various styles and colors. There are padded folding chairs as well as metal folding chairs, and stacking chairs come with different back shapes and varying degrees of padding thickness. Both of these choices are easy to store and transport. You can order chair dollies that keep your seating organized in storage and make it easy to move to the desired location.

Stackable chairs can also be used as banquet chairs or church chairs. Elegant appearance and soft cushioning are appropriate for formal occasions. A wide selection of upholstery colors and fabrics enables you to coordinate with room decor and color schemes.

When you are hosting a school dance in the gym or having a special celebration in the social hall, it is helpful to have tables that are simple to arrange. NPS folding tables are both sturdy and durable. Blow-molded plastic folding tables are extra-tough. Their surfaces are a snap to clean and are resistant to just about everything. They have an incredibly high weight capacity as well.

Help your students conduct experiments with great lab furniture from National Public Seating. Lab tables with chemical-resistant tops create the perfect place for working with chemicals and other materials that might be harmful to regular furniture. When students are having a frontal lesson or getting everything set up, they will need an appropriate place to sit as well. Sturdy lab stools offer great seating that will support students through many years of scientific endeavors.

Having music in the in the educational environment gives students the opportunity to excel in different areas and develop their creative talents. With the right music furniture, you can help budding musicians learn to play new instruments. Sturdy music stands are essential for enabling children to read the notes properly. If instruments are being played in a seated position, you will also need proper music chairs.

The right furniture is necessary for breaks as well as instructional periods. Sturdy cafeteria tables make a lunchroom comfortable and attractive. They provide a place for students to sit and eat, and fold up easily so they can be moved out of the way when the space is being cleaned or used for another purpose.

At Hertz Furniture, we know that the right furnishings can transform a space. We are proud to offer your institution a great selection of school and church furniture that you can enjoy for many years to come. No matter what you style or budget is, you are sure to find a number of great National Public Seating products for your space.