Climbing Walls

Climbing Walls
Get your students climbing the walls – literally! – with these fantastic rock climbing walls. At Hertz Furniture, you'll find everything you need to set up indoor rock climbing in your very own school.

We offer climbing walls in a variety of lengths and heights. Standard package is too small for your wall? No problem – we have extensions that can accommodate any wall length. Check out beautiful scenic murals for the climbing walls for additional visual excitement. So get ready, get set – and climb.

One of Hertz Furniture's goals has always been to keep up with – and even ahead of – educational trends. We strive to provide today's schools with highly up-to-date, cutting-edge educational furniture and equipment so that schools can do the best job they can at empowering both students and teachers. So we'd like to take you through some of the most important aspects of today's new gym activity.

Remember the days when gym class (or P.E., as we called it) meant a cycle of baseball/kickball in summer and volleyball/basketball in winter? Here's a new one to throw in to the physical education program: rock climbing.

Yes, you heard correctly. Rock climbing – or, to be more accurate, rock climbing walls – are fast becoming a popular dynamic in the "new PE" that seeks to use physical education classes as more than something in which only the athletically inclined can participate. Today's gym teachers realize that physical activity is crucial for the health of all children; moreover, P.E. classes can be used to teach social skills, problem-solving, spatial relations and much more.

Traverse-style climbing walls take the fun and challenge of rock climbing and turn it sideways. Not all children are capable of climbing upwards. Some are afraid of heights; others lack the coordination; and, for younger children, it is simply unsafe. Traverse Walls let everyone participate by making the challenge lateral as well as vertical. The idea is to climb across the wall, not necessarily up. This lets everyone - including special needs children – join in the fun.

One of the best things about climbing walls is that they're dynamic. Basketball will always be basketball. Baseball will always be baseball. But climbing walls don't ever have to be the same twice. They are ever-changing, both in form and content.

What does that mean? Well, form means just that – the form of the wall itself. While the height and length remain the same, the positions and placing of the hand-holds can change as often as you like. They can be close together or far apart; positioned in a specific pattern or free-form - whichever you decide is best for the class you're working with.

Content means the way in which the game is played. Rock-climbing walls can be used as an organized sport with rules and regulations, or as a free-play game in which each child climbs the way he or she likes. They can be utilized to teach teamwork or how to work cooperatively in pairs, with or without competition. They can also be used to enhance skills learned in other classes such as map skills, directions, spatial orientation, color recognition and more.

It's easy to see just how and why rock climbing walls have become so popular in today's schools. So why aren't all schools running to purchase them? You got it – everyone's favorite word: school budgets. While grants are available, they are not easy to get. If you feel your school would benefit from integrating rock climbing walls into its physical education program, Hertz Furniture's financing experts will be happy to assist you in developing a plan that suits your needs. With Hertz Furniture's team with you at every step from order to installation, you can rest assured that your students will be getting the best tomorrow's education can offer – today.

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  • Material
    • Vinyl
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  • Warranty
    • 25 Years
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    • Everlast Climbing
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    • 6
  • Length
    • 48
    • 240
    • 480
  • Height
    • 96
    • 120
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Climbing Wall Extension (4'Lx8'H) EVR-48

Climbing Wall Extension (4'Lx8'H)

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Climbing Wall Extension (4'Lx10'H) EVR-410

Climbing Wall Extension (4'Lx10'H)

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