Coat Racks

Coat Racks
Coat racks keep outerwear and accessories organized. When a visitor, client or colleague walks into your office, it is important to offer a place for hanging coats. Where can you get a functional coat rack? Hertz Furniture's selection of coat racks, coat trees and costumers offers a number of different styles and sizes, so you can find the ideal choice for your space.

Whether you are looking for a freestanding unit or a full wall-mounted shelf rack, we have it all. We also offer portable options which are perfect for special events. Our variety of classic and contemporary designs will help you determine the style and configuration that suits your needs.

Coat racks are an important accessory when you want to keep your visitors' coats and hats neat and tidy, ensuring that your office stays organized. If you are short on space, wall-mounted units fit the bill. Glaro has modular aluminum racks which are made in sections, so you can order the perfect size for your space.

Coat racks are an important accessory when you want to keep your visitors' coats and hats neat and tidy, ensuring that your office stays organized. If you are short on space, wall-mounted units fit the bill. Glaro has modular aluminum racks which are made in sections, so you can order the perfect size for your space. They have an accessory shelf on top as well as a hanging space for outerwear.

What is the best way to hang up coats on the wall?

Wall units come in many configurations. There is the option of getting extra shelves on top for hats, coats, umbrellas and other accessories. Wall-mounted coat racks come either with one long hanging bar or individual hooks in rows. Individual hooks are good because they provide personal spaces that make it easier to find coats in a rush. This minimizes the risk of hanging your coat in one place and finding it moved down the rack in a completely different place later in the day, as well as the possibility of confusing your coat with another person's. Combinations of hooks and rows are available as well.

Should I get a costumer or wall mounted coat rack?

Free-standing coat racks have the advantage of portability. They can be set up when there is inclimate weather and removed when they are no longer needed, so they won't crowd precious space in reception rooms or common areas unnecessarily. They are also easier to move when you are rearranging furniture, and can be moved from room to room as needed.

There are a number of portable options. Some of our coat racks include wheels, so they can easily be rolled from place to place. If you need a place to hang outerwear for special events such as a banquet, charity dinner or holiday party, folding coat rack models are an excellent choice. They are sturdy and dependable, and can easily be put into storage when not in use.

How can I provide a classy place to hang coats?

For a classy look that is more appealing than steel or aluminum, try one of our attractive coat trees. Costumers come with various hook configurations and fit perfectly in corners or small spaces. When they are not occupied by coats, hats and umbrellas, they don't take up very much room at all. They are easy to move when not needed or rearranging. Check out our selection of solid wood Lesro coat trees, which come in a choice of warm professional hues.

Where can I hang a few coats?

If you don't quite need a full coat rack, but could definitely benefit from a few hanging spaces on the wall, industrial-strength aluminum wall coat hooks are an excellent option. They mount easily to walls, doors and partitions, so you can place them anywhere you need them. This configuration works well in a personal office, small company or a work space that is shared among a few people. Wall hooks are available in single, double and triple units.

In addition to the aluminum option, you may also want to consider a few wall hooks that are mounted onto a solid wood backing. This attractive arrangement is ideal for reception areas because of its professional appearance. The solid oak backing designates a hanging area, making it easier to find.

What kind of coat tree will fit with my classroom furniture?

Looking for some great hanging space for your classroom? Try a mobile backpack coat rack from Academia. this portable unit is designed for the classroom. It keeps backpacks, outerwear and accessories organized, so all belongings can stay close at hand, and students don't have to run back and forth to lockers. Convenient nameplates make it easy to stay organized and provide each student with a personal space.

If you are buying a coat rack with hanger slots or a hanging rod, you will of course need to make sure that you have plenty of hangers. Hangers are available in a choice of styles so you can choose the right option for your needs. Closed loop hangers are great because they stay on the rack and cannot get lost, removed or scattered all over the floor. There are also slotted-style plastic hangers and hook hangers in either solid oak or satin aluminum. Some racks even come with hangers already.

Show clients, colleagues and employees how considerate your company or institution is by providing a convenient coat rack from Hertz Furniture. Our wide selection of options can accommodate your needs and preferences, whether you are outfitting a full cloak room or you just want a few hooks. Call the Hertz Design Center today to start planning out your ideal hanging space.

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