Computer Carrels

Computer Carrels
Computer carrels are designed to give professionals, students, teachers and library patrons a comfortable work space. Hertz Furniture's study carrels allow for a more personal working environment for more productive work hours. Our great selection offers a number of innovative solutions for your library.

What is the best place for computers in the school library? Our workstations, access stations and library carrels are all great options. No matter what the size of your school, library or budget, you can find great configurations that will bring your study space into the 21st century.

Should I get carrels for the library?

There are quite a few reasons that carrels are better than tables. With regular, open library tables, it is easy for students to take constant breaks to look at what people around them are doing or socialize. When students are seated at computer carrels, they are less likely to disrupt each other as they work. High side and back panels minimize the temptation to start conversations and get sidetracked. This setup will help increase concentration and productivity. If you want a study space that promotes focus, you should definitely consider carrels.

How many carrels can I fit in a row?

We have freestanding models if you want single or double units, as well as configurations that utilize starter and adder units. The modular design enables you to make a row of computer carrels that is as long as you like. We have modular carrels in both panel-based and leg-based designs. All you need is to order one starter study carrel per row and then purchase as many adder library carrels as you need to create your desired configuration.

If you want to have an option for your school library that is conducive to work in pairs, we have two-person study carrels. These are perfect for projects with partners or cooperative research. This design also enables teachers to sit next to students, view their progress and make sure that they are staying on task. We also have hexagon carrels and double-faced units which are great if you want to set up computer workstations in the center of a room rather than against a wall, or if you want some combination of both.

Where is the best place to look up books in a library?

In the modern library, patrons expect to have electronic access to your catalog and other research tools such as e-journals. Standing access stations can support desktop computers that are available for quick references and verifying the locations of particular books. Most reading spaces could benefit from a few access stations as well as a number of study carrels.

What makes a computer carrel special?

A computer carrel is distinguished by special features that make it more comfortable to work on a desktop or laptop. Most computer workstations have wire-management grommets which make it easy to route cables to a power source without crowding the work surface. Another convenient feature is the pull-out keyboard tray. This option helps people type in a more healthy position and conserves workspace as well. Some models even include a built-in CPU shelf.

What is the most budget-friendly library carrel?

Want the benefits of study carrels without the expense of brand new furniture? Foldable portable study carrels from BestRite can divide almost any table into private study areas. This is a great solution if you want a temporary arrangement. It can be used for study periods or to create a testing center. We also have models that fit a round table for quiet reading or other independent learning scenarios.

Library carrels don't have to be monochromatic or boring. Educational Edge computer stands have all of the computer-friendly features that you need. They feature attractive, brightly-colored edge banding that is available in a selection of vibrant hues. You can coordinate the colors with other furniture in your study space or use this opportunity to introduce some new hues.

Whether your library serves elementary school children, university students, professionals, congregants or anyone else, we have wonderful computer carrels for your patrons. Our library carrels come from great brands including Balt, BestRite, Ironwood Manufacturing and Russwood Library Furniture. For assistance in your selection and installation processes, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.

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8700 Series Quad Study Carrel 60x36 CRL-3660

8700 Series Quad Study Carrel 60x36

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8700 Series Study Carrel 24x60

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8700 Series Study Carrel 24x36 CRL-2436

8700 Series Study Carrel 24x36

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