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Computer Desks

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From high-tech workstations to simple single computer platforms, we offer an array of computer desks designed to meet your needs. What kind of tables will fit in a computer lab? Whether you are buying for a school or office setting, our selection includes some great choices.

While we carry a variety of computer desks, all of them are marked at affordable, institutional prices. They are built to last for many years. Many of our computer workstations come with a complimentary extended warranty from Hertz Furniture so you can depend on them for a long time.

Where can I put a computer in the classroom?

Computer desks are just what you need to outfit the school computer lab. They also offer a great way to bring technology into the classroom. You can order them to outfit an entire room, or as single models. We offer some convenient shapes and sizes so you can create the ideal configuration for your space. Classroom computer tables fit right in your learning space so you can keep a desktop there at all times.

What size computer desks do I need?

The classic rectangular computer table comes in a selection of widths. The right size depends on the amount of space you have and how many computers you want to fit in it. Computer desks generally fit either one or two computers. If you want to have space on the work surface for a keyboard, mouse, speakers and other accessories, you should make sure to take that into account when determining your ideal surface size.

There are also alternatives to the rectangle. If you are putting computer desks around a room against the walls, corner units are a great choice. They enable you to comfortably fit an extra computer in each corner of the room without overlapping tables. We also have computer tables with round fronts.

What features should I look for in a computer desk?

When you order a table that is designed for computers, you deserve to get the utmost in technological convenience. Especially in a room that is full of electronics, it is important to make sure that wires aren't sticking out and creating unsightly distractions. Wire-management grommets are a must-have for any computer workstation. They enable you to route cables to a power source without cluttering your work surface or creating tripping hazards.

Another important design element that varies among computer desk models is the leg design. There is the classic four-legged design as well as great alternatives including t-legs and cantilevered legs. T-legs provide stability and increased leg room. Cantilevered legs offer maximum legroom and prevent knees from knocking. For the most flexible option that can comfortably accommodate people of various heights, adjustable-height legs are the way to go.

There are additional features that can make the computer-user's experience a much easier one. A keyboard tray enables you to type in an ergonomically-correct position while saving space on the desktop. CPU holders are another available option for many of our computer desks. They keep your CPU in an upright position off of the floor, so it won't become damaged from accidental bumps or get knocked over.

Some computer users appreciate other convenient bonus features as well. Flip-top computer lab tables are great for temporary use because they save space in storage. Wheels are helpful because they make it easy to move computer tables around without lifting them. If your computer desks will not be against a wall, a modesty panel is another option to consider. Some modesty panels even include integrated wire-management trays.

In addition to the basic computer table design, we also offer high-tech workstations. The downview configuration is an excellent option for use with flat-screen computers. It keeps the screen in easy view of the user while saving desktop space and remaining out of the view of prying eyes. This provides a clean, uncluttered look that is great for a classroom, computer lab or office.

Hertz Furniture's selection of computer desks includes everything you need to transform your office or school into a tech-savvy work space. Our computer tables come from reliable manufacturers including Midwest Folding Products, Academia, Bretford and ABCO. Great computer lab tables can greatly enhance the work experience of your students and employees. If you need help choosing the best option for your institution, are not quite sure exactly how many tables you need, or just want a second opinion, feel free to contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice from the experts.