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A school computer lab introduces students into the wonderful world of technology. How should a school computer lab be set up? With many desktops or laptops arranged in one space, teachers can conduct lessons about research methods and formatting. Make sure that the computer room is fully-equipped with computer desks and task chairs.

Not all computer carts and computer carrels have the same features. Some come with extra conveniences such as keyboard trays and CPU holders. No matter how many PCs you have in your computer lab, Hertz Furniture has a great selection of computer room furniture that can fit any style or budget.

What kind of computer tables are good for a school computer lab?

The most important pieces of furniture in a computer room are the computer desks. They are available in single and double units as well as corner units and other arrangements, so you can create the perfect configuration for a room of any shape. Computer tables are supported by a classic four-legged design, T-legs or cantilever legs. While the four-legged model provides sufficient support, T-legs and cantilever legs maximize legroom for a more comfortable work experience.

There are a number of features that you might want to consider depending on the arrangement of your space. Flip-top tables provide compact nesting, which is helpful if you ever need to store your computer tables. Adjustable-height tables are helpful in any institution that caters to people of different sizes and ages. They also enable maximum flexibility when purchasing chairs. One of the most important things to look for in a computer desk is wire-management capabilities. Wire-management grommets and cable-management trays make it easy to route wires toward a power source and thereby eliminate desktop clutter.

Are there any good alternatives to computer desks?

While computer desks are always a great option, there are a number of equally viable alternatives for supporting your desktop or laptop computers. Computer carts offer the added convenience of mobility. They keep all PC components in one convenient place, so desktops can be rolled to any destination easily. This solution also facilitates quick and simple rearrangement.

If you are concerned about students distracting each other when they are supposed to be focusing on projects and assignments, consider choosing some attractive computer carrels. These great pieces offer the same support as computer desks, but with the added component of workspace dividers. With a more private setup, it is easier for everyone to be productive and focus on the task at hand rather than what is going on around the room. Computer carrels create a great space for students to work in when they are doing projects related to stem education or social media.

How can I maximize space in my computer lab?

To maintain the most open workspace possible and fit the maximum number of desktops in your computer room, consider desking solutions that include keyboard trays and CPU holders. Keyboard trays save space on your desk and promote proper typing positions. CPU holders keep CPUs in an upright position so they are easy to access for startup, shutdown and input.

It’s always a good idea to keep extra desktop components around, just in case something needs to be replaced quickly. If you have purchased new computers and still want to keep the old ones around, or you have some extras, LAN stations can be quite convenient. They keep all computer components organized in a secure setup, so they are easy to locate when you need them.

What kind of chairs should I get for my computer lab?

In addition to providing appropriate workspaces in your computer lab, you also need some comfortable seating. Appropriate seating is critical for learning the proper posture and typing position for working at a computer. Our task chairs and mesh office chairs offer a huge selection of supportive seating solutions. Whether you want a luxurious professional feel or a simple budget-friendly option, we have it all.

Aside from the style and materials, there are quite a number of features which can make an office chair extra comfortable. In order to achieve ideal ergonomic positioning, you want to make sure that your chairs have adjustable armrests, adjustable seat height and adjustable tilt angle. Extra lumbar support can also enhance chair comfort. Casters and a swivel base provide maximum flexibility.

Where is the best place to store laptops, tablets and netbooks?

While many computer rooms are filled with desktop computers, schools are increasingly choosing the portable option. Laptops, tablets and netbooks take up much less space than full PCs, and they are often a more budget-friendly option. However, unlike heavy desktops, laptops can be whisked away easily before anyone notices they are gone. In order to prevent precious equipment from being moved around without authorization, consider purchasing computer cabinets. Laptop carts and tablet carts can charge and store your electronics as they remain secure under lock and key. When they are needed, simply open the cabinet doors and laptops are charged and ready to go.

At Hertz Furniture, we know how important it is for students to learn proper computer skills. We have everything you need to furnish a functional and convenient computer lab. If you want help determining how many computer desks you need or what your optimal computer room arrangements is, contact the Hertz Design Center.