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How can you give your conference room a professional look? Whether you are running a law office or educational institution, the image that your conference room furniture projects can have a significant impact on success. Supportive office chairs and sleek conference tables might just be what seals the deal.

Hertz Furniture has everything you need to furnish a boardroom or meeting space. From conference chairs and tables to AV carts and bookshelves, our models offer budget-friendly elegance that is sure to impress all who enter. With a wide selection, you can choose the sizes and styles that fit your space and company.

What is the most important piece of furniture in the conference room?

When trying to furnish an entire room, it can be challenging to know where to start. The best idea is to begin with the largest piece of furniture and then move on to the smaller accessories. In the case of a meeting space, the most important item is the conference table. Our selection of elegant and sleek conference room tables includes many sizes and shapes so you can find the perfect fit for virtually any space. You want to make sure that there is enough room around the table for all meeting attendees to sit comfortably, and that there is still enough space in the room for any other pieces of office furniture that are desired for the space.

What kind of chairs should I get for the conference room?

After a table has been selected, it is time to move on to seating. Although a conference table might be the center of the room, the conference chairs are ultimately the pieces that have the biggest impact on everyone’s meeting experience. Negotiating contracts or planning a new strategy can take many hours, and you want to make sure that physical comfort is guaranteed for however long it takes. Mesh office chairs and task chairs provide proper support for many hours, so meeting attendees won’t need to move around or experience discomfort.

Having supportive seating demonstrates the consideration and professionalism of a company or institution. The ideal conference chairs will fit the style of the company while ensuring that everyone can sit comfortably. There are a number of options when it comes to boardroom seating because guest chairs, office chairs and captains chairs can all potentially fit the bill, depending on what you prefer.

What should I add to make my boardroom more impressive?

Once the main furnishings have been selected, the focus can be shifted toward other items. If you anticipate needing particular materials or information during meetings, having some office storage in the conference room can be quite helpful. Office bookcases provide an attractive space for informative literature and reference books while credenzas are great for filing, office supplies and small electronics. The benefit of having these items in the room is that you don’t have to leave the room in the middle of negotiations to get supplies or information that is needed. An organized space is sure to impress clients, donors and potential business partners.

Every company and institution needs to stay up to date in order to remain competitive in the modern marketplace. Multimedia equipment is essential in today’s professional and educational institutions because it facilitates the digital presentations that have become an integral part of the modern office and classroom. With specialized AV carts and cabinets, every company can have a proper place for electronics which enables them to facilitate slide shows and other digital media.

An AV cabinet keeps equipment secure when not in use, and makes it easy to arrange presentations when they are needed for meetings. Organized digital presentations are sure to impress clients and are quite helpful when it comes to outlining a business plan or strategy. Whether you want to project slide shows or pictures to explain advertising concepts, AV carts can really come in handy.

What do I need for digital presentations in the boardroom?

In order to project images and text properly, a clean surface is required. Projector screens are one option that is helpful when a space is required only for digital presentations. However, if you want a surface that can be written on as well, a whiteboard is the ideal option. Mobile models or whiteboard cabinets provide the perfect space to write things down where all meeting participants can see them. A dry erase board can be used to post the agenda so everyone can follow what is going on, provide spontaneous examples and explanations or facilitate brainstorming.

Whether you want to use multimedia equipment or not, keeping a podium in the boardroom can be quite helpful. Whenever one person is presenting a developed or complicated idea, a lectern provides a place for notes, so the speaker can stand up and be clearly visible while remaining comfortable. We have models with built -in sound systems so no one will have to strain to be heard. Our selection of wood and acrylic podiums includes a number of different styles that can be coordinated with other conference room furniture.

Make sure that every impression is a positive one with great conference furniture. A professional and elegant meeting room will give your company just the edge it needs to advance in the business world and negotiate high-profile contracts. To ensure that you have all necessary conference room furniture, and that everything fits well in the allotted space, contact the Hertz Design Center for free, expert project-planning advice.