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Conference Tables

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Big decisions, important contracts and company mergers are often negotiated around a conference table. This venue provides a professional space in which all sides can feel comfortable. Project a sense of elegance and competence with a conference room table from Hertz Furniture.

What is the optimal arrangement for a conference room? Stately boardroom tables are often arranged in the center of a conference room to set the tone for a company. Whether you want a traditional look or a contemporary one, we have excellent conference tables for you.

Where should I put the conference table?

There are a number of locations that can benefit from a conference table. The most obvious one is of course the conference room. However, this is not the only part of your office where you might want to consider putting a boardroom table. A large executive suite can often benefit from being furnished with a meeting space in which employees or new clients can assemble as well.

It is not just office settings that might require a boardroom table. Schools, houses of worship and other venues should consider this worthwhile purchase as well. Any setting in which meetings often take place between a number of people is a good place for a conference table. Conference tables offer a great place to hold planning meetings, faculty gatherings or departmental training sessions. When the executive committee or PTA gets together to discuss important decisions, this formal setting will help set the tone.

What kind of conference table should I get?

The right conference room table selection depends on what your particular needs are. You need to think about how many seats you want to have, and how your space can accommodate this arrangement. It is also important to think about how the shapes you are considering will fit and look in your conference room. Most importantly, you need to make sure that everyone seated around your conference table will be comfortable. You certainly don't want anyone to feel cramped or have trouble squeezing around the seats to get out of the room.

What is the best shape for a conference room table?

After you have determined that a conference room table is desired, shape selection can begin. The classic rectangular option creates two prominent positions on either end with plenty of other seats in between. A boat-shaped or racetrack conference table offers the same configuration with slight variations. The boat shape gives each participant that is seated around the table a bit of extra room, while the racetrack option fits better in tighter spaces.

Although most options are built to seat eight or more people, smaller tables are available as well. Not all companies have large conference rooms, but almost anyone can benefit from having a good place to deliberate over important decisions. We have a number of small round conference tables that can fit inside a larger office that doesn't have a separate conference room. They offer the same contemporary or traditional professional styles, but in a more compact design.

What kind of conference room furniture do I need?

There is more to a great meeting space than a great table. You will probably want additional conference furniture in your boardroom such as a presentation board, lectern and maybe even bookshelves. Whichever conference room furniture you determine to be necessary for your space, it is important to make sure that it matches with your conference table. A coordinated conference space makes a great impression and enhances the professionalism of your company or institution.

Most of Hertz Furniture's conference tables come from great office furniture collections. You can furnish your entire conference room, or even your whole office with lines from DMI, Mayline and Correll. Many conference room furniture collections come in a choice of finishes so you can coordinate your work space in an attractive hue of your choice.

Whether you prefer classic or contemporary conference tables, large or intimate boardroom tables or have any other particular preferences, Hertz Furniture has great options for your company. Our elegant high-quality office furniture will make an excellent impression in any setting. If you need help choosing the best boardroom table or coordinating with the other furniture in your office, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.