Contemporary Office Desks

Contemporary Office Desks
How can you modernize your office? Hertz Furniture's contemporary office desks combine style and substance. They project a modern, professional image that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Our huge selection of styles and configurations enables you to choose the contemporary office furniture that reflects your personal taste.

Modern office desks come with a variety of user-friendly features. From L‑shaped desks to reception desks to executive desks, and everything in between, we offer high-quality options that will fulfill your needs. Many of our models come with Hertz Furniture's exclusive extended warranty so you can be sure to enjoy your new furniture for many years to come.

What kind of storage can I get in an office desk?

Executive desk pedestals come with some combination of box and file drawers. If you need to keep a lot of extra supplies on hand, box drawers are very helpful. File drawers are great if you want to organize your papers in the most accessible fashion. Rather than having to get up and go to the file cabinet, which might be in another room, you can simply reach over and get what is needed. Most pedestals include both box and file drawers.

In addition to the drawer configuration, there are other factors that vary among desk models. Pedestals come in either full length or ¾ length. Many options feature centrally-locking pedestals. They keep your supplies and documents secure, but are easy to open with a single key when necessary.

What style desk is best for my office?

The contemporary office desk comes in many different shapes. There is the classic rectangular desk, which is often available with a bow front as well for a slightly larger work area. For the busy executive or administrator who needs significantly more space, there are the U-shaped and L-shaped desk options. These are optimal choices for a school principal or company president who has a large private office and needs space for electronics and accessories. They are also good for a shared office space because they section-off a personal area within a larger open room. The U-shape is available in a classic design or with a peninsula, which is great for conferencing or intimate strategy-planning sessions.

Do I need a special desk for the receptionist?

In addition to executive desk configurations, we also offer a selection of reception desks. Raised transaction counters are ideal for administrative assistants in an open reception area. They supply an excellent place for distributing informative literature and filling out forms, while providing the receptionist with a more private workspace.

What is the best desk for cubicles?

Many companies and institutions have a shared workspace that is divided amongst a number of employees. We offer a number of space-saving options that enable multiple people to enjoy a personal workspace within a shared area. We offer two-person desks which are constructed in a continuous side by side style as well as back to back double desks which are separated by a hutch. For cubicle-style multi-person workstations, there are connected desks for four or six.

What should I think about when getting an executive desk?

Many factors vary across contemporary office desk designs. Legroom varies according to the size of the work surface as well as the configuration of the pedestals. Executive desks come in a number of different surface materials. These affect the aesthetic appearance as well as the durability of the desktop. A conference overhang makes an office desk more accommodating for small meetings. It provides the guest seated on the opposite side of the desk with a more comfortable space to sit and take notes.

How can I accommodate a computer at my desk?

In this day and age, every modern office desk has some kind of computer, and often additional electronics as well. Therefore, every desk must be evaluated for its ability to accommodate your digital needs before purchase. Most contemporary office desks feature wire-management grommets which keep your work surface uncluttered and make it easy to route wires to outlets. For the most computer-friendly option, consider a model with a concealed CPU holder and built-in power strip. Many desks also offer the convenient option of a pull-out keyboard drawer for ergonomic typing.

For a fully coordinated office, you can match many of our executive desks with full office furniture collections. We have stylish contemporary office furniture collections including the Pimlico and Belmont collections from DMI as well as the CSII, Del Mar and Napoli collections from Mayline. We also have office desks from other leading manufacturers including Global and High Point.

Hertz Furniture's selection of luxurious, high-quality, contemporary office desks offers the variety you need to fulfill your personal preferences and budgetary requirements. Overwhelmed by all of the choices? Don't know where to begin? Contact the Hertz Design Center today and we will be happy to help you design your ideal work space, whether you just need one desk or you want to outfit an entire company.

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Unity 6 Workstations with Hutches UNITY-13

Unity 6 Workstations with Hutches

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Made in USA
Unity Executive L Desk with Hutch UNITY-6

Unity Executive L Desk with Hutch

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Made in USA
Bow Front Left U Desk with Hutch UNITY-12

Bow Front Left U Desk with Hutch

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Made in USA
Executive U-Desk with Hutch & Corner Storage UNITY-2

Executive U-Desk with Hutch & Corner Storage

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Made in USA
Unity Executive Suite with Hutch and Bookcases UNITY-19

Unity Executive Suite with Hutch and Bookcases

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Made in USA
Bow Front Right U Desk with Hutch UNITY-11

Bow Front Right U Desk with Hutch

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Made in USA
Unity Bow-Front Desk with Credenza & Hutch UNITY-1

Unity Bow-Front Desk with Credenza & Hutch

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Made in USA
Unity Double L Workstations with Hutch UNITY-10

Unity Double L Workstations with Hutch

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Made in USA
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ABCO Office Furniture brings you innovative conference and computer furniture that is perfect for the modern work environment. With reasonably-priced computer tables, podiums and training tables, any company can afford to outfit their offices with attractive and functional models.

Hertz Furniture is a proud recipient of ABCO's Award of Excellence. Our dedication to superior products and customer satisfaction guarantees you high-quality furniture at competitive prices. ABCO office and school furniture is Made in the USA and comes with a complimentary 25-year warranty.

Every modern institution has to find furniture that will facilitate work at computers. With the advent of the digital era, no school or office is complete without computer furniture. Unlike regular tables, computer tables feature wire-management grommets which make it easy to maintain an uncluttered work surface. With cables safely routed off of the desktop, there is more space for accessories such as a mouse, keyboard and speakers.

For the ultimate computer table, try smart tables. A sophisticated cable-management system provides maximum open work space while a mix-and-match design saves both money and space. This modular system creates your ideal computer workstations at a bargain price. For extra convenience, consider adding some keyboard trays which facilitate ergonomically-correct typing.

In a professional setting, ABCO seminar tables will create the perfect venue for conferences or training sessions. They are easy to arrange and feature a computer-friendly design that is ideal for the modern office. With many sizes to choose from, you can create the perfect configuration for your space and the people in it.

ABCO's innovative designs are ideal for an office with a shared open work area. Efficient two-person desks and four-office workstations give each employee a functional personal workspace that maximizes the shared area. These design solutions create a private space for each person while still allowing the company to benefit from the collaboration and camaraderie that is encouraged by an open design.

For personal offices and executive suites, there are plenty of modern office desks to choose from. Whether you are furnishing a work space for a school principal or company president, functional features and an attractive design are key. Modular collections and pre-configured executive desk arrangements allow each professional to choose the design that includes the exact features needed in a particular work environment.

Every employee in the company deserves to have an appropriate and comfortable desk. When furnishing your space with some great ABCO office furniture, don't forget about recepetion furniture for your administrative assistant. Choose a reception desk with a sleek design that will wow clients and some functional features that make it easy for receptionists to stay organized.

Speaking of clients and visitors, when you are negotiating a contract or hosting a strategy-planning session, having an appropriate venue is very important. With the right conference furniture, any company can make a great impression and project a sense of trust and expertise. An elegant conference table will serve as the centerpiece to the room, while a sturdy podium frames speakers and presenters.

Hertz Furniture is proud to bring you school and office furniture from ABCO. This modern, budget-friendly collection includes just what you need to bring your institution into the 21st century in style. With great lecterns, training tables, office desks and much more, your business will be on the road to success in no time.