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Why are office cubicles so popular? Office cubicles allow a number of co-workers to work in close proximity while maintaining personal space. Using cubicles is the affordable and professional way to set up a workspace in which colleagues often need to share ideas. Office workstations allow employees to work independently and collaborate easily.

Our cubicles come in various shapes and sizes to match your needs and budget. Their modular design enables you to create a custom configuration for any office space. Figuring out which pieces you need and what sizes are ideal can be quite a complicated process, which is why Hertz Furniture is here to help you with design and project-planning.

What kind of office has cubicles?

There are many applications where the cubicle setup is ideal. Cubicles offer a convenient way to divide a shared open workspace into telemarketing workstations. Alternatively, they can also be used to separate manager and receptionist offices. Office partitions provide a more private workspace than an open area would, but still keep important people that many employees need to reach throughout the day in an accessible space.

What are the advantages of office cubicles?

A versatile modular design makes cubicles a budget-friendly solution for providing individual office spaces. Rather than undertaking a pricey permanent construction project that could make your space unusable for months, cubicle walls can be quickly installed to have an office up and running in no time. They can be arranged and rearranged repeatedly as new employees are hired or spaces are reapportioned.

Modular office workstations simultaneously encourage focused work and team collaboration. If an office is arranged in a completely open setup with no raised dividers, it is hard for everyone to concentrate. Alternatively, if individuals have private rooms to work in, it is less likely that they will go to consult with colleagues or collaborate on a regular basis. Office dividers will increase productivity by eliminating the distractions of a completely open workspace, while encouraging colleagues to consult with each other.

How can you encourage employees to collaborate on projects?

When employees are seated in close proximity, they are more likely to work together, form positive work relationships and approach each other for professional assistance. Rather than feeling isolated, everyone will have a greater sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Office workstations give workers exposure to a range of different tasks, while offering private personal workspaces that make them feel their jobs are important.

A cubicle arrangement can also be convenient for managers and team leaders. When employees are seated in close proximity, it is easier to keep track of what each person is doing so nobody falls through the cracks. Team leaders can simply walk around and check in on each team member periodically, providing personal guidance and assistance when necessary.

What are my options when it comes to office cubicles?

You may choose to just order a basic setup with the walls that are needed, or look into extra features. Shelves are great because they help employees keep work spaces neat and organized. Panels can be arranged in a variety of configurations including the h-shape and c-shape as well as others.

An office cubicle doesn't have to be bland and boring. When workers have a more personalized and attractive workspace, they are more likely to come in with a positive attitude and work efficiently. We have a selection of panel surface colors, so you can choose what kind of feel you want to create in each cubicle, and coordinate your space. Some of our models feature a tackable surface which is perfect for hanging photographs and important reminders.

Maxon office cubicles have a number of user-friendly features that make them easy to setup and convenient to use. This custom-order system is designed specifically for your office space. It includes optional sliding or hinged doors which make spaces feel more like private personal offices. Snap-fit electrical systems enable wires to be routed directly to cubicles in a safe and attractive manner. Cable-management cutouts reduce desktop clutter by keeping wires off of the work surface. With so many great features, these office room dividers are an excellent choice for any workspace

Hertz Furniture has an excellent selection of office cubicles from HON and Maxon. We provide everything you need to divide an open space into personal office workstations. CAD and room design consultation is available free of charge. Just give the Hertz Design Center a call and we'll be happy to help you create office cubicles that are pleasant and cost-effective.