Daycare Furniture



When parents entrust their precious children to a daycare or childcare center, they want to be sure that they are in the safest, most nurturing environment. How should you arrange a daycare space? With the right tandem stroller, changing table and kids cots, you can create the ideal environment for the little ones under your care.

You need a space that is full of fun and games. With soft play equipment, a sand and water table and tumbling mats, young learners will be excited to come in and join the fun. Whether you are just looking for some new toddler tables or you are furnishing a brand new program, you can get everything you need right here at Hertz Furniture.

How do I know what daycare furniture I need?

Furnishing a daycare classroom can be quite a daunting task. Thinking of all of the necessary items and how they will be arranged in the space can take up a significant amount of time. Luckily, Hertz Furniture has everything you need conveniently organized by category. From the major childcare furniture down to the smallest details including toys and learning centers, you can get it all at great prices. If you need help figuring out exactly what is needed and how to arrange the space, contact the experts at the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.

For a child care setting that specializes in babies and toddlers, caregivers really need to think about what they need for every part of the day. Changing tables should definitely be at the top of the list. Without one, it will take longer to change each diaper and caregivers can easily injure their backs if they are constantly bending down to change babies on the floor. Among the options when choosing a baby changing table are wall-mounted and freestanding models. A baby changing station that is mounted to the wall saves space, but one which stands on the floor has the option of built-in storage and even steps so little ones can climb up themselves. Separate storage which can be mounted above either kind of changing station is available as well.

What kind of stroller should I get for my daycare?

When you want to take the little ones out for a nature walk or on a trip to a nearby park, a tandem stroller is absolutely essential. Without a daycare stroller, toddlers can easily get lost. Additionally, many may not be able to walk the full distance, causing you to make frequent stops and take a very long time to reach the destination. You can choose a daycare buggy that seats four or six or a folding tandem stroller, depending on how frequently you plan on using it and how many children there are in your group.

How can I soothe fussy toddlers in my daycare?

If there are babies and toddlers in your classroom, it is very nice to have a place to sit and calm them down when they are distraught or need help getting to sleep. With a glider chair or rocking chair caregivers can comfortably sooth small children. The experience will help little ones bond with their teachers and feel secure during the school day when their parents are not there. You can choose from classic wooden rockers or modern glider rocking chairs with great features.

What kind of cribs are good for a daycare?

After a big outing, or even on a typical day full of fun and games, young learners will need to get in a good nap so they are happy and refreshed when their parents come to pick them up. Babies need to have the security of a crib so they won't accidentally fall. Portable cribs are ideal because they can be moved around easily. For older children who are more independent and less fragile, there are lots of great daycare cots and rest mats to choose from. Rest mats take up very little space and can easily be stacked and stored when it's time to get up and play again.

What kind of rug is good for a childcare center?

Every day care center needs spaces where children can work side by side on games or projects. When you want to have circle time on the floor, a colorful classroom carpet will give young learners a cozy place to sit as they listen to a book or sing songs together. Kids' carpets come in a huge selection of styles which can be coordinated with a classroom theme or wall colors. Classroom rugs can be educational themselves when you choose a style that promotes knowledge related to colors, letters or even language skills.

Which tables will fit the toddlers in my daycare?

Older children especially, and even some little ones need toddler tables for times when they want to sit and have snack or work on craft projects. Activity tables are available in different shapes so you can figure out what works best for your space and student population. When there is a classroom full of toddlers, feeding tables with built-in seats will save space and make it easier to take care of multiple children at the same time while keeping them all within reach.

What kinds of toys are appropriate for toddlers?

Whether you have a montessori classroom or a more classic learning setup, some of the most important things to think about are the toys. Toddlers and young children learn by exploration. At a time when they are developing some of the most fundamental motor skills, having the right furniture that will promote growth is key. Soft play equipment from The Children's Factory encourages little ones to climb, roll, slide and explore in a safe environment. With some cushy tumbling mats underneath soft play forms, children won't be afraid to push their limits. Even if they do fall, they can do so knowing that they have the security of a soft landing.

What daycare furniture do I need for learning centers?

Many child care centers have rooms arranged according to early childhood learning centers. This setup lets little ones take charge during free play and choose what they want to do. It also helps to keep accessories organized. With the right toy storage, children can learn how to clean up properly and take care of toys in the appropriate way from a very young age. Classroom storage is a key component in maintaining a nice and appealing learning space.

One learning center that is usually included when purchasing early-childhood classroom furniture is a pretend play station. Little ones just love engaging in dramatic play, as they develop key skills including cooperation, organization and creativity. While the basic play kitchen and puppet theater will make a very nice space for pretend play, it might also be nice to add some extras. Children's chairs and kids couches can create a realistic living room area in your imaginative play house, or a reception area in your “doctor's office”. Children's sofas are also great to have in the book corner so little ones have a cozy place to sit and curl up with a good book.

When thinking about ways to improve coordination and enhance motor skills, nothing beats a sand and water table. A sensory table can be filled with all kinds of cool mediums including pom poms, marbles, rice and much more. Children can learn a lot about texture, color and physical properties just by playing and exploring. You can fill your sensory table with new contents and tools all the time so there is always a fresh activity for little ones to enjoy.

With so many activity centers around the room and lots of daycare furniture filling your learning space, you need to make sure that things stay where they belong. room dividers will keep spaces sectioned off for safety and organization. They are great if you have a few children taking naps on one side of the room or you want to divide the room into clear learning zones such as an listening center, reading corner for early literacy development and imaginative play area. Room partitions come in fun and colorful styles so they serve as decorative and functional pieces at the same time.

Where should the children in my daycare keep their personal things?

There are many things you can bring into a day care center to keep toys and activities organized. Just make sure that you also consider the personal possessions of the children you are serving. With so many little lunch boxes, coats and pacifiers flying around, it is too easy for things to get mixed up or lost. Preschool cubbies and lockers give each child a personal space within the classroom so they can keep track of their stuff and avoid mix-ups.

Last but certainly not least, it's great to have somewhere to easily hang up student projects or even announcements that parents need to see. Our selection of bulletin boards gives you great sizes and materials to choose from so you can find what fits and looks good in your classroom. A whiteboard can also be used for lessons and announcements. If you forgot to print out a formal announcement, you can easily provide information on a whiteboard to make your message fun and colorful.

Hertz Furniture has everything you need to create the perfect classroom environment for the little ones in your care. From toddler chairs and tables to rest mats to imaginative play, we will make sure that you have everything you need to give the children in your childcare center a top-notch learning experience. If you want the very best but need some help with logistics such as budgeting and planning, contact our financing department.