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Every classy company needs executive office furniture that is worthy of hardworking, highly-qualified CEOs and company presidents. What will make an executive office elegant? Putting together an elegant workspace starts with executive desks and office chairs and goes down to the smallest details. You can't underestimate the impact of a single well-placed bookcase or wood file cabinet.

Hertz Furniture has everything you need to balance physical and professional needs with the impression you want to project to clients. Our ergonomic task chairs will help any business exude confidence and reliability. With free project-planning services from the Hertz Design Center, anyone can enjoy a relaxing and inspirational workspace.

What kind of office desk should an executive have?

It might seem easy to just get a desk and start working, but the reality is that there are tons of options. By the time a professional reaches a management or supervisory position, they definitely deserve to have a space that is easy to organize and a pleasure to work at. The most important consideration that has to be taken into account before purchasing an executive desk is the space that will be allotted. It is obviously ideal to have the largest workspace possible. U-shaped desks have an incredibly large work surface. Their layout also creates a more private space in a shared office. L-shaped desks are a common choice as well.

What features are important to have in an executive desk?

There are tons of possibilities when it comes to executive desks. Most have some combination of box and file drawers in pedestals that are located on either end. Some have additional pencil drawers or writing slides as well. Every modern office desk has a computer on it, so it can be quite helpful to choose a desk with a computer-friendly design. A pull-out keyboard tray facilitates ergonomic typing while a CPU holder keeps all of the buttons and ports you need to access within easy reach. Wire-management grommets help eliminate desktop clutter and route cables to an appropriate power source.

It is possible to get any combination of features on desks of varying styles. Because the appearance of the office furniture will project the tastes and preferences of a company, it is important to make sure that you make a good choice. Traditional office desks have an old-world charm that displays experience and professionalism. Classy appeal and stately style are ideal for a serious company.

Contemporary office desks have a modern appeal that is appropriate for a PR firm or tech company. The truth is, this style can work well for many different industries, it is simply a matter of determining who the target clientele is. Software developers and and computer engineers who choose executive desks with a contemporary flair show that they are in-tune with modern trends in the business world.

When choosing an office desk, it can be hard to get the perfect amount of storage and workspace. Office hutches offer a great way to increase storage and keep the workspace coordinated. They form a natural extension to the executive desk and maximize office storage space without creating clutter. An office hutch helps maintain an open work environment where everything you need fits right in.

What kind of chair belongs in an executive office?

Once there is a place to work, you need an appropriate place to sit. The executive office chair is the single most important piece of furniture when it comes to physical comfort. The positioning and cushioning of a task chair determines how one feels throughout the workday. Pain and discomfort can have a negative impact on productivity and attitude, so it is important to eliminate these negative feelings from the workplace. When people are comfortable, they get more done and do everything with a much better attitude.

Leather office chairs are a classic choice when it comes to the executive suite. Their luxurious elegance demonstrates that a company is successful enough to invest in stately office furniture. For a more modern look, many prefer breathable mesh office chairs. The flexibility of mesh makes it a good choice in terms of ergonomics.

Making sure that every employee stays comfortable can be a challenge because each person has a unique build and individual preferences. Big and tall office chairs are essential for those executives who cannot be accommodated by classic swivel chairs. With the right fit, every employee can stay at the top of their game.

Should there be other chairs in the executive office?

Executives aren't the only people who will be spending significant amounts of time seated in an office. Clients and colleagues are also likely to come in and sit down for a general meeting, strategy-planning session or progress report. Every company wants their clients to feel good about the service they are getting. Cozy, stylish guest chairs help clients feel taken care of. The more comfortable they are, the longer they will be able to sit and discuss plans, and the better they will feel about you and your company.

What kind of office storage is good for an executive office?

Even with lots of desk drawers and a matching hutch, many professionals find that they still don't have quite enough space to store everything they need in the office. File cabinets are often required to provide enough space for all of the necessary forms and documents. Tough metal filing cabinets are a popular choice when there is a separate file room or many units are needed. Fireproof file cabinets offer maximum protection, so they are the best option for places that are storing irreplaceable documents. Wood filing cabinets are a favorite of those who like to keep a space looking classy. Their colors and styles can be matched perfectly with office desks, bookcases and other furniture.

Credenzas can serve lots of different purposes. They can provide some auxiliary storage or an extra workstation. They fit well behind an L-desk or U-desk, or even as desk extensions. Many of our office furniture collections include credenzas that match perfectly with classic or contemporary office desks.

AV cabinets are a must-have in the modern office if you want to keep up with the competition. They help multimedia presentations run smoothly by storing everything you need in one convenient place. Whiteboards are another great piece to include because they are perfect for brainstorming, keeping track of projects and more.

Give you executive suite a total makeover with a brand new office desk, task chair and more. Whatever office furniture you need to complete your space, you can find it all at amazingly affordable prices from Hertz Furniture.