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Store important information quickly and easily with Hertz Furniture's office file cabinets. Our wide selection makes it simple organize and retrieve documents. No matter what your budget or style is, you can find some great filing cabinets from Hertz Furniture.

What are the different types of file cabinets? We have steel, wood, lateral, vertical, and just about any other arrangement you can think of. Whether you are furnishing a school office, law firm or medical practice, there are plenty of functional and durable file cabinet choices. Our models come from leading manufacturers including HON, Sandusky Lee, DMI and Martin Furniture.

What is the best way to organize documents?

A file cabinet is definitely a great solution for document organization. There are two main configuration options for file cabinets: lateral and vertical. Vertical file cabinets are deeper than the lateral option and don't take up a lot of wall space. This arrangement is ideal for any environment in which there are lot of papers such as a law office, school or clinic. However, for those who prefer to have files concentrated lower to the floor and don't mind using some extra wall space, lateral cabinets are probably a better choice.

Another important factor to take note of is the size of paper that drawers are meant to accommodate. There is a difference between letter and legal sized paper, so it is important to make sure that the documents that need to be filed will fit well in the space. For larger papers such as blueprints, artwork, maps and drawings, we have flat files from Sandusky Lee. Wide drawers with weights inside will keep documents stored properly and prevent papers from curling while in storage.

Document storage isn't all about just having a place to put things. Many professional settings require secure spaces for confidential, valuable or irreplaceable papers. Most of our file drawers include built-in locks which protect contents from prying eyes. Anti-tip devices on some cabinets only allow one drawer to be opened at a time so cabinets won't fall over from the weight and papers will stay in place.

What are the benefits of fireproof file cabinets?

For the ultimate document protection, there are fortified impact-resistant models from Sentry Safe. These fireproof file cabinets keep materials intact for up to an hour in the direct heat of flames. Each drawer has an independent inner vault which prevents fire from spreading if a one drawer is accidentally left open.

Do I need a storage cabinet in the office?

Many professional spaces require more than just extra filing. When office desks just don't have enough room for everything that is needed, consider purchasing a storage cabinet that includes file drawers as well. With this arrangement, papers and supplies can be housed together in one place, and a workspace gets a variety of storage solutions so everything can be kept in a proper space.

Metal file cabinets are highly durable, so they will stay in shape through many years of paper storage. They will fit well in a storage room or an auxiliary office space. With a selection of colors, you can arrange a coordinated room or color-code your document storage so it is easier for everyone to find what they are looking for.

What are the best office file cabinets?

Hard-working professionals deserve to work in an appealing space, and you want to make sure that your offices are presentable when potential clients and business partners come to visit. While steel filing cabinets are strong and functional, they might not fit with the image you want to project in a high-class professional work space. To keep an office coordinated with sleek and stylish furniture, you can match laminate or wooden file cabinets with office desks, credenzas and other pieces.

Matching furniture colors is one way to create an appealing space, but for those who like everything to be as coordinated as possible, there is an even better option. Hertz Furniture carries many filing cabinets that are part of office furniture collections, which provide a perfect match to other pieces in the workspace. There are freestanding models as well as mobile pedestals which can fit under an executive desk for effortless access.

Every piece of furniture in your office should add to the overall style and professionalism of the work space. With Hertz Furniture's sleek selection of file cabinets, you can keep up an attractive image while attaining great storage at the same time. With so many excellent choices, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. If you need help determining the ideal model for your arrangement or style, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.