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Guest Chairs

Our guest chair collection includes a wide variety of fabric, leather and vinyl chairs. They are available in a rich selection of colors and styles. With comfortable, sleek reception chairs, you can make a great first impression.

Where should you look for cozy guest chairs? Hertz Furniture's club chairs and sofas provide cushy support through constant, everyday use. With this top-quality selection, strength doesn't come at the expense of comfort. With timeless designs, strong construction, extra stability and superb comfort, our guest chairs will make the wait worthwhile - even when it's a bit longer than expected.

What should I look for when buying reception chairs?

There is no universal ideal when choosing guest chairs for a waiting room or personal office. Everything depends on how much space you have, what your budget is and the style of the company. Hertz Furniture's wide selection has so many choices that a company with any space or budgetary requirements can find a number of great options to choose from.

What are the most comfortable chairs?

For a company that does not generally have many people sitting in the lobby, or has a very large waiting area, club chairs are an exceptional seating choice. Their wide seats, cushy armrests and elegant styling promote client comfort and institutional professionalism at the same time. Lounge chairs give each visitor a clear personal space where they won't have to squish or sit in close proximity to others. Busy professionals are sure to appreciate having some quiet time to themselves while they are waiting, or simply taking a minute to sit down and relax on a break. Club chairs also fit well in executive suites when there is some extra space on the side of a large personal office.

In the waiting area of a doctor's office or other personal medical service facility, it is important to have plenty of seats because patients often come with caregivers or family members. Make sure that there is enough seating for as many people as possible, so no one will be left standing if they come early or appointments are running a bit late. Our formal lobby chairs come with or without arms. Some models have wooden bases and arms that can be coordinated to reception desks and accent tables.

How can I fit the most seats in a waiting room?

Once the ideal arrangement for the company's lobby has been determined, it will be easier to narrow down the choices. If many seats are needed in long rows, reception chairs are ideal because they can be ordered in attached rows and enable you to fit the most seats in the allotted space. This arrangement keeps the room looking neat. When long rows of chairs line the lobby, it is worth considering models where individual seats are separated by armrests so there is clear personal space.

Waiting room chairs are available with a range of base styles. Sled-base chairs are the best option for carpeted floors because they will not damage the rug when they are moved. The classic four-legged design works well on hard flooring. For a space that is often rearranged, reception chairs are available with casters for easy mobility. In a space that is used for a number of different purposes, or a company that needs chairs that can be used for various functions, stacking chairs make flexible reception seating. We even have special corner seats so you can use every nook and cranny to maximize seating capacity.

For a company on a tight budget where the anticipated wait in the lobby is never very long, bench-style seating is the way to go. Although it doesn't offer the ideal comfort and back support, if the wait is short, it should get the job done. Bench seating should be placed against a wall so people still have something to lean back on, even if it's not padded.

How can I make reception seating luxurious?

Law firms and consultants' offices require classy reception seating that will reflect the company's professionalism and expertise. Sofas and loveseats provide luxurious comfort for hard-working professionals as they wait to enter meetings or conferences. This friendly arrangement takes up less space than individual seats and encourages people to sit side by side.

Although our entire selection of upholstery options is great, the ideal material for an upscale professional environment is leather. A leather couch will never go out of style, and gives the impression that a company is very successful. Leather is also easy to clean and highly durable, so it is sure to greet visitors and clients in the lobby for many years.

How can I make a space for children in the waiting room?

Every client deserves to have appropriate seating, no matter how old they are. Pediatricians, child psychologists and other professionals who serve kids should have some seating in the lobby that is appropriately-sized for the youngest clients. A loveseat from Children's Factory will make little ones feel right at home in the waiting room. Kids and parents alike are sure to appreciate this accommodating seating choice.

When choosing reception seating for a lobby or waiting room, it is best to have a few options so everyone can find what suits their personal preferences. With Hertz Furniture's huge selection of club chairs, guest chairs and sofas, the arrangement possibilities are endless. All pieces can be coordinated for an attractive space that visitors will enjoy sitting in. Our settees and waiting room chairs come from reliable manufacturers including Global, Lesro, OFM, High Point and Regency Seating. If you need help choosing the right upholstery fabric or determining the ideal arrangement, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice from the experts.