Indoor Waste Receptacles

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Indoor Waste Receptacles

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Ever thought trash cans and recycling bins could add to your office décor? If not, check out Hertz Furniture’s attractive collection of waste receptacles. Available in separate or dual-purpose units, these garbage cans are stylish, eco-friendly and made to last.

What kind of waste receptacles are meant for indoors? Our garbage bins and recycle bins will look great in a professional or educational setting. Features like double-metal, fire-safe construction and heavy-gauge aluminum ensure that they will stand up to whatever your clients or students can throw at them.

How can I reduce garbage in the hallways?

When your office space or school has the right waste bins and recycling cans, students, employees and clients will be encouraged to maintain a clean space. Waste is often left on tables or even on the floor because proper means of disposal are inaccessible and many people are not willing walk around searching for the nearest garbage can. With strategically-placed waste bins, everyone is more likely to do their part and clean up after themselves, so your whole building will stay neater and the cleaning staff will not have to spend extra time disposing of candy wrappers and empty cans.

No matter what kind of space you are furnishing, you want to make sure that every item matches with the overall decor. Even a trash can which serves a purely functional purpose can add a unique appeal to a classroom or teachers room. With a number of colors, sizes and styles to choose from, you can easily find waste receptacles that will fit in virtually anywhere.

What size trash can should I get?

In addition to considering the appearance of your garbage bins, you also want to make sure that there is enough room for them in the designated space. A model that is too large for a small personal office might use up some of the much-needed room that was allotted for other items. However, a small wastebasket with a low capacity will quickly get filled up in a high-traffic area. An overflowing trash can is never a pleasant sight, especially in a professional environment.

Garbage cans are available in a selection of styles that are both attractive and functional. If you don’t want unsightly garbage disrupting the professional atmosphere in the workplace, choose a model that includes a lid. We have garbage bins with self-closing push doors that facilitate sanitary waste disposal and odor control. Alternatively, the swing top is another great option because it allows waste to be inserted from two directions without requiring any contact with the can.

What kind of garbage bin will fit under my desk?

For a smaller personal workspace, you will want a more compact model that can easily fit under, next to or behind a desk. Wastebaskets are available with or without lids, depending on what you prefer. If you plan on leaving your garbage can under a desk where it won’t be seen and mainly using it to dispose of papers and other supplies, an open model might be easier because you can just throw things right into it. However, if you are concerned about odors or an unsightly appearance, you might prefer to have a lid.

What kind of waste receptacle is appropriate for a science lab?

Disposing of materials in a science lab or medical facility is a bit more complicated. It is important to make sure that germs and chemicals do not end up on the outside of something that people might touch without realizing. Witt Industries has great trash cans with lids that can be opened by stepping on the pedal. This design eliminates the need to touch the garbage can. With this arrangement, used medical supplies and science materials can be disposed of in a safe and efficient manner.

How can I encourage students to recycle?

It’s not hard to be green at school when you encourage students to dispose of waste properly with great recycling bins. Your eco-friendly company can encourage all employees and clients to participate in efforts to conserve the environment when there are conveniently-located recycling cans throughout the facilities. Whether you are furnishing a professional or educational institution, the right cans can go a long way.

There is nothing more annoying and tedious for student volunteers or cleaning staff than having to sort through materials that were placed in inappropriate waste receptacles. In order to avoid mix-ups, you can order recycle bins with different tops which make it clear what each is for. They can all be lined up in a row to make it easy for people to find the right container. Alternatively, if you do not anticipate such high volumes of materials, you can also get one container with multiple openings for different materials.

Hertz Furniture cares about the environment, as well as the physical appearance of your space. We offer great waste disposal solutions for any venue that are designed to make it easier to stay green and stay clean. When you furnish a space with the proper garbage cans and recycling bins, you demonstrate the importance of cleaning up and protecting the environment.