Keyboard Trays

Keyboard Trays
To ensure productivity and efficiency, it is important to equip work spaces with keyboard trays. What can make typing more comfortable? A keyboard drawer is essential for promoting healthy positioning and provides the added benefit of clearing space.

At Hertz Furniture, we know how important it is for professionals to be in a supportive work environment. A keyboard tray is one easy way to ensure that employees can remain task-oriented, rather than being preoccupied with physical pain or discomfort. When you provide ergonomic office furniture, you demonstrate that your company cares about comfort and health.

How do I choose the right keyboard tray?

In order to know how to choose the right keyboard drawer, it is necessary to have a proper understanding of healthy positioning for typing. The classic office desk setup, in which the computer and keyboard are positioned in a slightly-raised spot in front of the person is actually not ideal. When the keyboard is in front of the person seated at the desk, this often causes them to lean forward, which is not a healthy position to type in. Leaning forward for long periods of time can cause back and neck pain.

Rather than positioning the keyboard directly in front of the monitor, it is preferable to have it in a lower position. When the keyboard is below the desk surface on an under desk keyboard tray, the wrists can be in a straight alignment, rather than being tilted upward. With wrists in the correct position, workers are less likely to suffer from pain and discomfort as a result of typing.

How can I save space on my desk?

An added advantage of the keyboard tray, which should not be overlooked, is its space-saving function. With a separate tray or drawer for the keyboard, there is more space on the desktop which can be used for other necessary items and accessories. Additionally, when one is not typing they can easily slide the drawer under the office desk surface and adjust chair positioning for writing, reading or anything else that needs to be done.

What kinds of keyboard drawers are there?

You can get a model-specific keyboard shelf as well as an articulating keyboard tray that can fit with almost any desk. Drawers that are designed specially for particular models can often be found in the accessories section of that particular model. If you neglect to purchase the keyboard drawer at the time of desk purchase, one can still be ordered and installed subsequently.

Universal articulating keyboard trays can turn virtually any workspace into an ergonomic office desk. Whether you are using computer carts in schools or working in an office, a keyboard shelf will make the whole experience a much more pleasant one. Keyboard trays can be adjusted in a number of different ways to provide a custom fit for any individual. Among the options, an articulating keyboard tray is ideal because it is more flexible than a drawer which can only be pulled in and out without height or angle adjustment.

What will happen if I don't get a keyboard tray?

An adjustable keyboard tray is an integral part of proper positioning while working at the computer. If you are not positioned properly at the computer, you can get a repetitive-strain injury. In addition to being painful, this can also cost you a lot of recovery time and money. Having the right equipment from the beginning will cost less in the long run and keep employees more satisfied in the work environment.

The ergonomic keyboard tray with swivel mouse pad from Systematix comes with a number of extra features that provide superior support. It comes with a built-in gel wrist pad for a cushy resting place whenever you are not typing. Additionally, the platform can be raised and lowered to find the healthiest, most comfortable position.

In the modern business world, pretty much everyone who sits at a desk has a computer. In order to ensure that everyone has a healthy and positive experience in the workplace, it is important to equip computer desks with keyboard trays. If you need help determining which keyboard drawer is appropriate for your company's desks, contact the Hertz Design Center for free help and advice.

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Encourage budding young scientists to conduct experiments with lab furniture from Diversified Woodcrafts. When productivity depends on appropriate science furniture, Diversified Woodcrafts has the models you need to promote success. The right lab tables, lab sinks and microscope tables will put young chemists and biologists on the path toward success.

Science lab furniture requires extra durability. When students are working with tough materials, you need to ensure that an accidental spill won't ruin your lab tables or workstations. With specially-designed products from Diversified Wood Crafts, students can enjoy the full range of educational experiments without fear of damage to equipment.

To start with, students need an appropriate work surface in order to take notes, record data, and arrange experiments. Lab tables are specially designed to be functional during both frontal instruction and experiments. Diversified Woodcrafts offers three different kinds of tabletops, so you can choose the material that will support mediums your students will be working with. From basic High-Pressure Laminate to more durable ChemGuard, and finally ultra-tough Solid Epoxy Resin, you can find the ideal material for your work environment.

In addition to the work surface material of your science lab tables, you also need to choose the ideal configuration. While the two-student lab table provides maximum flexibility in terms of arrangement, lab workstations are another viable option. Workstations come in both two- and four-student models so you can maximize classroom space and enable students to work in larger groups. However, if your science classroom hosts a lot of frontal lessons, forward-facing workstations are ideal because no teacher wants to speak to students' backs.

Lab stations also have the additional benefit of a built-in lab sink. With water and gas fixtures readily-available to each small group of students, it is easier to conduct experiments independently and efficiently. Ultimately, the right choice between laboratory tables and lab workstations will depend on what they are being used for and what a school's science furniture budget is.

For those who opt out of the workstation option, it is still necessary to furnish the experiment space with lab sinks. Rather than having them as part of student workspaces, you can simply install a few laboratory sinks around the science classroom. Like work surfaces, lab sinks should be extra durable so they won't get damaged by chemicals and other harsh substances.

If your school doesn't have a designated science lab, or your instructors want a way to transport experiments without lifting sensitive materials, mobile labs can really come in handy. These freestanding units roll into position on large casters and can be locked into place for secure standing. With mobile labs any study space can be instantly transformed into a functional hands-on science classroom.

In addition to the basic must-haves, you might want to consider some extra science lab furniture from Diversified Woodcrafts. It is always good to have some storage space in the lab so you can keep microscopes, pipettes, petri dishes and other experiment materials close at hand. We have wall-mounted and freestanding cabinets with either opaque or glass doors. There are also special microscope storage cabinets which protect your valuable equipment.

Hertz Furniture brings you top of the line science furniture from Diversified Woodcrafts. This functional lab furniture comes with a complimentary Limited Lifetime Warranty which guarantees you many years of worry-free use. Figuring out the ideal arrangement for a science lab can be quite complicated, that's why the Hertz Design Center is here to help you with free design and project-planning advice. With excellent science furniture, you can start to inspire the doctors, engineers and scientists of tomorrow.