Lab Cabinets

Lab Cabinets

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Tote Tray Storage Case DVR-5410

Tote Tray Storage Case

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Mobile Microscope Storage Cabinet DVM-4701A

Mobile Microscope Storage Cabinet

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What belongs in a lab cabinet? Lab cabinets are perfect for science equipment, chemicals and experiment materials. With organized lab furniture, lessons and experiments will run smoothly. Laboratory cabinets come in a variety of sizes and styles, with different surfaces to protect them from various materials.

You can find the right furniture for any school lab at Hertz Furniture. With our safe and durable cabinets from Diversified Woodcrafts and Edsal, you can get functional storage solutions. With base cabinets, freestanding and wall-mounted units to choose from, finding the best way to arrange a science lab is smooth and easy.

How should I choose a lab cabinet?

Finding the right laboratory cabinet ultimately depends on what you want to store. Tall freestanding units are available with either clear glass or opaque wood doors. A large storage cabinet is great because it can hold lots of equipment and supplies. Glass doors are ideal if you want to be able to see the contents easily. This can save time because you won't have to go rummaging through everything to figure out if what you are looking for is there. However, for those who are concerned about privacy and security, opaque doors are preferable so no one can see the valuable equipment that is stored inside.

There is also the matter of figuring out if drawers or cabinets are needed, or if some combination of the two is ideal. Lab cabinets can hold equipment and materials that are large and small, but drawers are sometimes preferable for smaller items such as knives and petri dishes. Tote trays are perfect for organizing petri dishes that contain experiments in progress. They will keep samples pure, and make it easy for students or researchers to find their specimens. For labs that are full of experiments, which take place as part of your STEM education curriculum , full tote tray cabinets are available.

What kind of lab cabinets can I get?

Lab cabinets come in both wall-mounted and freestanding models. Wall-mounted cabinets can fit right above laboratory workstations that are positioned along a wall. This arrangement utilizes open wall space while keeping materials accessible. Freestanding cabinets provide more storage per unit, but they also take up a considerable amount of floor space.

What is the easiest way to transport lab materials?

For maximum flexibility, there is also the portable option. This is especially helpful in expanding STEM education programs, where materials are needed in many different places. Mobile lab storage is ideal when materials are shared among rooms or even in a large research lab. Rather than having to carry materials and science equipment from place to place, everything can simply be rolled to the desired destination. Base cabinets are another excellent option. They provide laboratory cabinets and countertops that can support experiments, with convenient storage below.

Where is the best place to store microscopes?

Because science labs often house specialized equipment, custom storage solutions that are designed for specific items or materials can be quite helpful. Microscope storage cabinets will keep valuable equipment organized and safely stored, so it won't get damaged inadvertently between uses. These mobile units eliminate the hassle and strain of having to carry heavy equipment between labs. They are the perfect solution for a school with multiple science classrooms but only one set of microscopes.

How can I store chemicals safely in the school science lab?

When studying certain subjects such as chemistry, potentially dangerous materials are sometimes needed for experiments. In order to make sure that these chemicals are stored in a safe place where no one will accidentally spill them or use them unsupervised, it is a good idea to equip your school science lab with a flammable storage cabinet. A visible warning on the outside of the unit ensures that no one will mistakenly take out materials or use them for something else. With locking doors, double-walled 18-gauge welded steel construction and leak-proof door edges to prevent spills, you can be sure that flammable liquids will only be taken out when they are needed by responsible teachers or instructors.

Organizing a student or professional science laboratory is easy with Hertz Furniture's great selection of laboratory furniture. Our lab cabinets are designed to provide secure storage for all of your equipment and materials so experiments can run as smoothly as possible. If you need some assistance in choosing the ideal storage arrangement for your particular space, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.