Lab Safety

Lab Safety

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At Hertz Furniture we know that science lab safety is a priority for your school. How can you keep students safe in the science lab? From appropriate chemical storage to safety showers and beyond, we can help you take the necessary precautions to ensure that your students are properly protected.

When students see that a laboratory is properly equipped, they will come to understand the paramount importance of lab safety rules. An emergency shower and eyewash protects students, just in case they need it. Contact Hertz Furniture to find out how you can furnish your laboratory with the appropriate lab safety equipment.

How do I know if I need a flammable storage cabinet?

Finding the right equipment for your science lab begins with identifying which types of chemicals you will be using. In order to know how many flammable storage cabinets you need, it is a good idea to get an estimate of the quantities of chemicals that will be kept in your lab. We offer safety cabinets from Edsal which keep flammable chemicals securely stowed away. You can choose from a selection of sizes to fit your space and needs. A clearly visible warning on the outside of the cabinets ensures that chemicals will be handled properly. The cabinets can be locked when not in use and feature leak-proof doors.

How can you prevent accidents in the school science lab?

Clear lab safety rules ensure that students know the proper way to handle lab equipment. Students should always make sure to wear safety smocks and goggles when they are handling potentially hazardous chemicals. Even when the proper precautions are taken, additional measures must be implemented in the unlikely case of an accident.

Why do you need a safety shower in the school science lab?

Any laboratory where chemicals are being used must have a safety shower. Emergency showers are specially designed for easy use at a moment’s notice. They are located inside the science lab, so they can be accessed immediately. In the event that someone accidentally spills chemicals, they can quickly run over and pull down the handle for an instant shower.

We offer emergency showers from Diversified Woodcrafts and Guardian Equipment. Diversified Woodcrafts models include extra cabinets as well as eyewash stations. These all-in-one units can also be ordered in a wheelchair-accessible configuration. With everything in one place, it will be easy for students to remember where to go and what to do in case of an accidental spill or splatter.

Guardian Equipment has a wide selection of safety showers. You can choose freestanding or recessed units which include built-in eyewash stations. Don’t worry about using up the precious space in your lab with so much equipment. If you want to save space, recessed units are an excellent choice. They utilize unused areas of your wall and ceiling, while offering easy activation.

Eye wash stations are available in a choice of configurations. They come as freestanding units, attached to a lab shower, counter-mounted or faucet-mounted. Faucet-mounted units can be attached to lab sinks. Emergency eyewashes include two valves which aim water at the eyes to clean them out as accurately and quickly as possible.

How can I prevent chemicals from getting into the air while doing lab experiments?

If you are planning on conducting many chemical experiments in your science lab, you should consider purchasing a fume hood. Fume hoods provide a safe, visible space for experiments. They keep fumes contained, protecting the experiment, environment and your students. We offer mobile fume hoods from Diversified Woodcrafts so you can enjoy safe experiments anywhere. If you prefer stationary models, we also have permanent fume hoods from Air Master. Each of these excellent options offers superior protection for you and your students.

Don’t have the setup or means to hook a fume hood up to the proper venting system? No problem. Captair Flex ductless fume hoods help you provide a safe, fully-equipped STEM education program without having to worry about expensive and complicated hookups. With tons of convenient features and options, they are a great investment for any serious school science program.

Hertz Furniture has the lab safety supplies you need to ensure that your students are properly protected. Call us for a free personalized consult, which is catered to your unique needs. Our design planning experts will help you identify the necessary and optimal lab safety supplies for your space and needs. Students, teachers, parents and administrators will benefit from the peace of mind offered by a properly-equipped, safe science lab.