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Lab Tables

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What is special about a lab table? Laboratory tables have tops made out of special materials that can resist or withstand harsh chemicals typically used in experiments. With great science tables, you can ensure that students have a proper introduction to the wonderful world of hands-on experimentation.

Hertz Furniture has a huge selection of lab tables that can fit any space or budget. You can be sure that these laboratory tables will look great through many years of lessons and trials. Many even come with extended warranties so they are guaranteed to stay in shape even longer.

How can I make sure that my lab tables are safe for experiments?

The main concerns when selecting any laboratory furniture for an educational setting are safety and durability. When students are using harsh chemicals and heat, equipment can easily get ruined if it is not designed specially for use in a lab. Unreliable tools can also lead to injuries or damage to personal items that are in the classroom, so safety instruction should come first and foremost on the agenda.

One of the main ways to ensure that all experiments are conducted properly and safely is by providing the right work surfaces. Regular school tables do not have the chemical and heat resistance that is required for the advanced science applications that are needed in a middle or high school classroom. Every student science lab needs specially-designed lab tables with highly-durable work surfaces.

What is the difference between chemical-resistant and epoxy resin laboratory tables?

Although all of the laboratory tables we offer are designed for use in the science classroom, there are varying degrees of resistance. For schools on a tight budget, lower resistance might be the only option because it is more affordable, however, if your institution can afford it, the highest level of durability is always ideal. To ensure that the lab tables you choose are appropriate for the applications they are going to be used for, it is a good idea to review the science curriculum before purchasing anything to ensure that your laboratory furniture is designed to support the toughest chemicals and temperatures your students will be experimenting with.

The strongest tabletops you can get on a lab table are made from solid epoxy resin. This super-durable material is completely impervious to most chemicals and acids. Even normal laboratory heat and moisture will not damage or change them. Every chemistry classroom should have this degree of durability so student experiments aren't limited by the furniture.

If you just don't have room in the budget for the highest levels of durability in a science table, or you are certain that students won't be experimenting with any strong chemicals, there are more budget-friendly alternatives. Chem-res chemical resistant work surfaces are resistant to most chemicals and stains, so basic experiments won't cause them damage, however, their resistance to high temperatures and severe chemicals is limited. If you choose the chem-res science lab tables, you need to make sure that all of the teachers who are using them know exactly what is safe to use on them and what is likely to cause damage.

Where can I get affordable lab tables?

For the most budget-friendly science table option out there, we have great models from Allied Plastics. They have sturdy steel frames and Chemsurf, chemical-resistant laminate tops. With this option, you can get sturdy, durable lab tables at a significantly discounted price. This choice is great for a middle school science classroom where basic experiments are occasionally performed but harsh chemicals are never used.

How can I accommodate students with special needs in the science lab?

For a flexible option that will accommodate all students in any type of chair, adjustable-height lab tables are the way to go. A huge part of creating a school that is ADA compliant is making sure that every student can sit comfortably in a classroom. That means that for a science lesson, you need tables that can fit wheelchairs underneath them. Not all regular-height tables have this capability.

Having trouble getting experiments done with books piled on the laboratory tables and pens rolling everywhere? To ensure that nothing interferes with experiments, there needs to be a good place to put students' belongings, especially if classes include both frontal lessons and hands-on activities. Book boxes are a convenient solution because they are built right into the science table so materials remain accessible yet out of the way.

Give curious students the platform to enjoy hands-on education in the science classroom with great lab tables from Allied Plastics, Diversified Woodcrafts and National Public Seating. With appropriate science tables, experiments are easy and safe, so students can learn in the optimal environment. For free guidance regarding which tabletop materials are appropriate or how many science tables can fit in your chemistry lab, contact the Hertz Design Center to speak to an expert.