Lecture Room Furniture

Lecture Room


At Hertz Furniture we want to make your lecture room as attractive as possible. What furniture should be in a lecture room? Our goal is to bring you cozy leather office chairs, elegant podiums and cutting-edge AV equipment. We have all of the furniture and accessories you need to furnish an appealing and functional space.

No matter how interesting a presentation is, being in a comfortable space will contribute the focus of attendees and the professionalism of the event. Great stacking chairs and training tables have the potential to create a serious atmosphere in any space. With our lecture room furniture, you won't have trouble keeping anyone's attention.

What is a lecture room used for?

A lecture room can be a great place for hosting meetings, seminars and classes in a school or office. Whether you are having a town hall meeting, making plans to build a new school, running a seminar on early literacy development, or planning a strategy to attract new clients, some comfortable guest chairs and a well-placed projector screen will help the whole process run more smoothly. When speakers or presenters are trying to convey an idea or illustrate an important point, great accessories and demonstration tools will get the point across quickly and clearly.

Not all lecture rooms are used exclusively for one purpose. If an institution is interested in maintaining a flexible arrangement, folding tables and folding chairs are worth considering. These versatile pieces can be set up, cleared away and rearranged in a flash. They are easy to transport and come in handy any time tables and chairs are needed.

Which chairs and tables are good for a lecture room?

While folding tables can be used for many purposes, if you want tables that are designed specifically for lecture rooms, training tables are a great option. They are designed to have people seated on one side which is perfect for seminar purposes. Many seminar tables even include wire-management grommets which make it easy for participants to route wires and plug in their laptops. We also have a number of models with fold-down tops for compact nesting and easy storage.

There are also many options for seating. Although folding chairs are an excellent choice, stacking chairs are also versatile and easy to transport. Many of them have extra-thick padding for more comfortable seating. If your lecture hall is used for high-class presentations and you want something a bit more classy, try some of our elegant guest chairs. For smaller lecture rooms and truly upscale venues, we have many sleek leather office chairs that will keep students, employees or participants supported for hours.

How can I make speakers comfortable in the lecture room?

Making sure that guests or students have the proper furniture to stay focused is critical, but the experience of the lecturers is important as well. In order for a speaker to perform properly, your lecture room needs to be properly equipped. Attractive podiums give speakers a comfortable place to put their notes and draw the attention of the audience toward them. For an even better experience we have podiums with advanced features such as built-in sound systems and multimedia capabilities.

In the modern school or office setting, most presentations have an interactive component and visual aids. Reversible boards and interactive whiteboards give speakers a space for recording important ideas to keep the audience on track. If you don't want to project onto the whiteboard surface, you can also get a separate projection screen for slideshows or movie clips.

Where can I keep the multimedia equipment for the lecture room?

When giving a multimedia presentation, you need somewhere to put all of your digital tools. AV carts can support a variety of electronic equipment, so you can keep all of your valuable items in one place. With everything you need in one place, it is easy to access anything that needs to be adjusted or used during a presentation. With an audio-visual cart, a lecturer can control their own equipment, rather than requiring an extra set of hands.

At Hertz Furniture, we have everything you need to furnish a lecture room of any size. Whether you are on a tight school budget, or you require the utmost in elegance and professionalism, or models are sure to satisfy your needs. Filling a whole room with the right furniture can be quite a daunting task. If you need help choosing the right models and styles, contact the Hertz Design Center for free design and project-planning advice.