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Library Tables

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Well made, attractive library tables are an essential component of the school library. Hertz Furniture has just the selection you need to find the perfect furnishings for your study space. Great reading tables give students the perfect place to study, do research or enjoy a good book.

Our library tables are built to last through many years of assignments, projects and quiet breaks. How should the library be set up? Your library should have library furniture that is built to last and attract young readers. To stay up to date, make sure to have computer tables for research, electronic card catalogs and more.

How can I choose the right library table?

A library table must be the right size and shape to accommodate the number of users you expect. Of course, library tables also must fit in to the overall decor of your library. Plan out your space carefully and then decide if a rectangular or circular library table makes sense for your school. Round tables provide more opportunity for group discussions while rectangular tables are better suited to private study. We also offer square tables.

Tables come in many different heights. If you are furnishing a library in an institution that houses a preschool, take a look at our preschool library tables. Appropriately-sized furniture will encourage little ones to dive into reading and enjoy the books in your early childhood collection. A reading corner with bean bags and other comfy cushioning would make a great addition to a preschool literature section.

Where should I put the computers in my library?

Computer tables are an essential component of the modern library. They enable students to take advantage of electronic research resources. It is important to teach students how to utilize electronic fact-finding tools properly within an academic setting. Library computers offer a quiet work space that is an appropriate venue for such explorations and investigations. Unlike regular school tables, computer tables feature built-in wire-management grommets for an uncluttered work surface and easy cable routing.

Built-in curbing is a great option, especially if your library serves older students or adults. Curbing can hold books in the upright position, and serves as a divider between individual work spaces. Reading tables with curbing create a more private feel, inspiring an atmosphere of focused individual study.

How can I make my library more exciting?

A world map table serves the dual purpose of providing a great work space and enhancing your library decor. This colorful addition from Russwood will brighten up your library with engaging colors and educational graphics. It also encourages students to learn from their surroundings, while promoting knowledge of geography.

School library tables don't only have to be functional, they can also contribute to the decor of the study space. A choice of finishes enables you to coordinate with other library furniture, or choose a complementary hue. Educational Edge tables from KFI come with a choice of bright trim colors, which offers a great way to add some color through attractive subtle accents.

Any furniture is an investment, and library tables are no exception. Hertz Furniture's selection of sizes, styles and shapes comes from some of the leading library furniture manufacturers including Russwood and KFI. With such a great selection of attractive budget-friendly pieces, you can feel free to choose the style that most enhances your reading room.

If you are not quite sure where to start, or you just need some help understanding the nuances of different designs and manufacturers, don't hesitate to call Hertz Furniture. Our design center is here to help you determine the best layouts for your reading room and the furniture that can help you achieve the optimal study space. With great reading tables and an invitingly-arranged library, don't be surprised if more and more students come in to study and research.