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Panel Based Horizontal Newspaper Rack RDU-31HR

Panel Based Horizontal Newspaper Rack

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Where is the best place to put magazines in the waiting room? With a magazine rack, you can keep periodicals in organized and attractive arrangements. Brochure displays can also be used to provide helpful information that clients, patients or colleagues can peruse as they wait.

Hertz Furniture’s selection of literature displays includes a variety of configurations and materials. No matter how large or small your lobby is, you can find a brochure rack that will fit right in. With lots of interesting magazines and pamphlets to read, every wait will be a pleasant one.

Why do I need magazine racks?

Without a proper place to organize reading materials, magazines can quickly get scattered around a waiting room, creating a messy appearance. The periodicals themselves can also get wrinkled or ripped. In order to provide stimulating periodicals to patients or customers without disrupting the elegant style of a reception area, you need proper literature racks.

Magazine racks offer the perfect place to display literature, while keeping the lobby neat and tidy. You can fill them with periodicals related to news or special interests, or use them to provide helpful information related to a company’s field of interest. To ensure that everyone will have something personally enjoyable to read, fill literature racks with items that are related to a variety of interests so all will be occupied as they wait.

What kind of brochure rack should I get?

Brochure racks come in a number of different styles. If there is some extra floor space in a waiting room, a freestanding carousel will make a great choice. Patrons can stay in one place while easily viewing all contents. With a few sides to fill, magazines can be arranged according to interests or dates of publication. This arrangement also enables a few people to stand on different sides while making a selection without getting in each other’s way.

If there is no extra floor space, but a brochure display is still desired, wall-mounted models are the optimal choice. They keep things organized without taking away any space from reception furniture. Waterfall-style racks are arranged to fit as many magazines as possible, while still showing people what’s there. The title of the periodical can be easily viewed so patrons can make a selection without emptying the rack to see what’s there.

A selection of materials is available, so you can fit any style or budget. Choose from clear plastic, steel or solid hardwood in a variety of arrangements. Wall-mounted clear-face magazine racks are perfect if you only want to offer a few options. They provide a full view of the cover so visitors can view the featured articles and not just the title. This configuration also brings some color into a space.

Where can my company display pamphlets?

For educational or informational materials, we have some excellent pamphlet displays. These are great for travel agents, hotels or health professionals. They can be used to offer information about special events, fun things to do in a certain area, or various treatment options.

Doctors, dentists or psychologists who serve children should make sure that the reception area has some items that will interest their young patients. With an octagonal book display from Russwood Library Furniture, you can easily organize children’s books by level or topic. Kids are sure to appreciate some exciting new books -- and you can be sure that their parents and caregivers will as well.

Hertz Furniture has everything you need to create your ideal reception area from the large pieces of furniture down to the smallest details. Our literature racks and brochure displays will keep your customers satisfied, even if they have to wait a few extra minutes. For help deciding on the optimal model, material or arrangement, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice from the experts.