Lobby Furniture



Hertz Furniture has put together a terrific collection of reception furniture and accessories to make sure that your lobby leaves the right impression. From classic to contemporary, we offer you a huge selection of comfortable guest chairs and loveseats, magazine racks and elegant reception desks.

Our lobby furniture comes from reliable manufacturers including DMI, Mayline, ABCO, High Point and Lesro. What is a good layout for an office reception area? No matter what the shape of your lobby, whether you are are furnishing a building, or just want to add a few more guest chairs to your waiting room, we have everything you need to create an impressive professional layout at a budget-friendly price.

What should I look for in a reception desk?

The reception desk is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the lobby. It can set the tone for the space and determine how smoothly your receptionist's day will run. With the right combination of drawers, an administrative assistant can stay organized and on top of the task at hand, so the whole company will run more efficiently. The special raised transaction counter of a receptionist desk creates a more private workspace within the open waiting room.

All office furniture needs to maintain a harmonious balance between style and function, and a reception desk is no exception. As the centerpiece of the lobby, it has the potential to reflect great taste and style, which can then be coordinated with other pieces of furniture. A modern reception desk will give a law firm or high tech startup an innovative contemporary appeal that is sure to impress clients.

What is the best arrangement for waiting room chairs?

Once you have determined that the receptionist has an appropriate work space, it's time to think about guests, clients and colleagues. While people are waiting, they want to be comfortable, and it is a company's job to provide appealing reception seating that includes proper support. Depending on the layout of the lobby and the type of company it serves, there are a variety of seating configurations and options to choose from.

Loveseats and sofas are ideal for a small office or a high-class professional environment. Settees are available in many attractive styles, with upholstery options that can be coordinated to match other furniture, decor or paint colors. When clients are waiting in cushy love seats, they won't even notice if the meeting starts a few minutes later than scheduled.

In a formal business setting, professionals might be reluctant to share a loveseat or sofa with people they are unfamiliar with. Rather than forcing people to put themselves in a situation that is not optimal, you might consider some cozy club chairs as an alternative or addition. The spacious seats and attractive styles of reception chairs will help anyone feel at home in your office. Inviting lobby chairs will make everyone's experience more enjoyable.

How many seats should be in the waiting room?

Doctors' offices and other health service facilities might require more seats in the lobby than the average work space. Because patients often come early and multiple doctors work in a practice, you want to make sure that there are plenty of seats for everyone who comes in. Our waiting room chairs are designed to maximize seating capacity while ensuring that each patient has adequate personal space. Guest chairs come in classic and contemporary styles, so there is no need to compromise on visual appeal in order to ensure that there are enough places to sit.

Where can I put reading materials in the reception area?

Once the main pieces of furniture have been selected, it's time to move on to the smaller details. While clients are waiting, it is a good idea to provide them with something to read. A few well-positioned and stocked magazine racks offer the perfect place for some light literature that is of interest. Literature racks can hold magazines that are meant for leisurely reading or informational literature such as pamphlets offering special services or publicizing community events.

Keeping clients and visitors engaged and informed about the goings on in a company, school or institution is easy when there is a message board hanging on the wall of the lobby. Rather than just relying on fliers, pamphlets and word of mouth, consider using a well-placed letter board to get the word out. With convenient plastic letters that are clear and easy to read positioned in neat rows, all of your information will be displayed in a highly-visible way that will attract attention.

When a company or school receives an award, the waiting area offers the perfect place to show it off. With all of your accomplishments proudly arranged in a classy display case, you can be sure that everyone will take note. While people are waiting, they are likely to approach glass display cases and take a look inside. This offers a great opportunity to demonstrate the value and importance of recognition for student, employee or institutional achievements.

Where can my clients hang up their coats?

When it is raining or snowing outside, you don't want people tracking moisture and mud all over the building. Especially after carefully choosing all of your lobby furniture, the last thing you want is for it to get dirty and wet. In order to avoid trails of water and mud inside your building, it is advisable to put coat trees and umbrella stands in the lobby. When there is a coat rack and umbrella holder at the entrance area of a building or office, people will leave their wet outerwear in a place where it can dry, thereby minimizing tracks and dirt in the rest of the building. Clients and students will also appreciate not having to carry their wet jackets and umbrellas around with them all day.

With a well-furnished lobby, your business or school will make a great impression from the very beginning. Cozy seating, convenient accessories and a modern reception desk provide everything you need to create your ideal space while taking your unique style and budget into account. If you need help choosing the right seating arrangement or figuring out just how many chairs are needed, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.