Locker & Gym Room Furniture

Locker & Gym Room


Show your support for athletics with a fully-furnished gym and locker room. The right locker room furniture will demonstrate enthusiasm for sports and health that students are sure to internalize. Which lockers are good for the locker room? With great school lockers and steel racks, players will be able to keep their equipment organized and suit-up in no time.

At Hertz Furniture, we know that athletics aren't just about the players. Fans and supporters are important as well, so you want to make sure that they are comfortable. Our supportive folding chairs and sleek trophy cases will help your fans enjoy the game and get excited for the competition.

How can I encourage student athletes?

You want to encourage students to participate in sports as much as possible. Organized sports encourage teamwork and discipline, and they can be an important tool in combating childhood obesity. The atmosphere in the gym and locker room before the game or physical education class starts can have a big impact on student performance. When a locker room is furnished properly, it is easier for students to get ready with a clear head and go into the competition or class in the right mindset. You can avoid arguments and discomfort by providing appropriate and organized storage spaces for each student.

Do student athletes need special gym lockers for uniforms and equipment?

School lockers are essential for students. They give everyone a personal space in school for storing books and outerwear so they don't have to carry around all of their stuff throughout the day. While every student needs a secure storage space in school, athletes need some extra room for sports equipment and uniforms as well. In order to make sure that there is both general storage and spaces that are set aside for athletes, you need both school lockers and gym lockers.

How do I know what kind of lockers are needed in the locker room?

If your locker room is used both during school hours and for extracurricular sports teams, you should ideally furnish it with a combination of locker styles. Steel baskets and racks are great for gym classes because they provide the perfect amount of space for each student to store a gym uniform. They also have ventilation which will diffuse the smell of dirty clothes.

Athletes who participate in after-school sports will need a bit more space because they probably have personal equipment, depending on the sports they play. If you have baseball, hockey and football players, you will need spacious athletic lockers because their equipment can get quite bulky. Basketball players and runners can probably fit all of the clothing and accessories they need in steel gym lockers.

How can I get extra seats for fans in the school gym?

Once athletes are dressed and ready to take the floor, make sure they are entering a positive and supportive space. The best way to entice fans and spectators is by providing comfortable seating during events. While many schools have built-in bleachers, there is also the option of setting up folding chairs if there is not enough space on the bleachers or if so many people come to the game that extra seats are required.

Once the audience is seated, the athletes can come in and warm up. When the game starts, the team members who are not playing will need a place to sit on the sidelines. Logo chairs provide cushy padding and encourage school pride. Having comfortable chairs that feature your school's logo in team colors will keep players excited and infuse your gym with energy and style.

Keep all of your fans and students informed about upcoming events with indoor directories. You can update the information every day so students can see what is happening, and they will be encouraged to come to events and cheer for their friends. Indoor directories provide an easy and organized way to convey information in a highly-visible space.

Does my school really need trophy cases?

When the season is over and your team's hard work has paid off, show them that you value their accomplishments by purchasing sleek trophy display cases. Trophy cabinets will place your school's achievements in a prominent and worthy setting. Students,visitors and parents are sure to take notice of your unique programs and activities when their hard-earned recognition is displayed for all to see.

Why is it important to have a nice school gym?

Gyms aren’t just there for after school athletics, they are an integral part of your students’ education. Even in times of drastic budget cuts, the school gym should never be something that is compromised on. Physical Education benefits students in a myriad of ways, none of which you can afford to let them miss out on. PE helps students stay healthy, gain confidence, learn teamwork and return to class refreshed and ready to learn. Having the right equipment and furniture makes all of these important things possible.

At Hertz Furniture, we have everything you need to furnish your hallway, locker room and gym. From the pre-game jitters, to the dramatic entrance, to the starting whistle and beyond, your athletes and fans will have a positive athletic experience that will keep them coming back for more. If you need help figuring out how many lockers you need or what is the best model of folding chairs, contact the Hertz Design Center.