Locker Room Benches

Locker Room Benches
Locker room benches provide the perfect space for athletes to sit down and get ready. If students are expected to get dressed for PE in the locker room, it is important to make sure that they have a comfortable place to do so.

When you provide some attractive locker benches, you help students have a positive experience with high school athletics. Student athletes work incredibly hard, so they deserve your full support. What is the best kind of locker room bench? With locker benches in a choice of sizes and styles, you can find the best locker room furniture for your space.

Locker room benches offer student athletes a comfortable place to sit while they suit up or cool off after the game. Looking for a private place where the coach or team captain can give a personalized pep talk? A locker bench is just what you need. Sports games can get pretty heated, especially when there is an ongoing rivalry. With a permanent place to sit in the locker room, athletes can relax, take a deep breath and chill after a close call before going back out onto the field or court.

With the innovation, quality and support of Penco Products, their locker benches are definitely a worthwhile investment. Their hardwood tops and heavy-duty pedestals are tough enough for the football team and star wrestlers. They are also easy wipe down so your dancers won't get dirty while lacing up their toe shoes.

How should the locker room furniture be arranged?

Figuring out just where to put a locker room bench and how many will fit in a given space can be complicated. There still needs to be enough space for every locker to be opened easily, and for people to walk around and arrange locker contents. Even with locker benches around so preparations can be done in a seated position, some people might still need to do things standing up.

In order to help you leave enough open space between your benches, Hertz Furniture offers a number of different lengths. Worried that without experience you will have trouble figuring out just how much space is needed in between each piece of locker room furniture? The experts in the Hertz Design Center are happy to offer you free project planning advice.

Locker benches can either be drilled in place or left un-mounted so you are free to move them around. Having the ability to move things around provides great flexibility. However, if you are worried about your furniture being misplaced or even taken, it is recommended to nail benches down. Some particular models have to be drilled into the floor.

How can you make a locker room ADA compliant?

You don't ever want a single student to feel like you don't care about them if you can avoid it. ADA locker room benches have extra-wide tops so every athlete can feel like an equal member of the team. ADA compliant schools take planning, and you can never be sure when a new student might enroll who needs special accommodations. Even if you don't currently know of anyone who needs ADA-compliant school furniture, it is always good to be prepared.

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48 ILS-623-ADA

48" ADA Locker Bench

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Penco Locker Room Bench (72 ILS-602

Penco Locker Room Bench (72")

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Penco Locker Room Bench (60 ILS-601

Penco Locker Room Bench (60")

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Penco Locker Room Bench (48 ILS-600

Penco Locker Room Bench (48")

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Penco Locker Room Bench (84 ILS-603

Penco Locker Room Bench (84")

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When you are looking for great storage solutions for your school, Penco Lockers are an excellent choice. They are durable, attractive and organized, so students can have a great place to store their personal property in school. Metal lockers provide perfect spaces for backpacks, books, lunches, coats and more.

Hertz Furniture is proud to offer free planning services that will make the school locker selection process run smoothly. We can take care of every step of the process from layout and planning to ordering and installation. As a member of Penco's exclusive Eagle Club, we are proud to offer you great pricing and a 25-year warranty.

When students have their own school lockers they don't have to worry about lugging around heavy books and outerwear throughout the day. Rather than leaving things unsecured in an open classroom or carrying them back and forth from home to school on a daily basis, they can simply lock everything up in a metal locker during the day and overnight. With large storage lockers, they can keep everything that is needed throughout the day, and even after school, in one convenient and secure place.

Functionality isn't the only consideration when choosing school lockers. If you are going to be lining school hallways with these storage spaces, it is important to make sure that they are visually appealing as well. Penco lockers are available in a selection of colors. You can choose different colors for each grade to make it easier for each student to find their locker or promote school pride by ordering metal lockers in school colors.

Metal lockers come in a variety of configurations. Single-tier lockers provide the maximum amount of space. They are large enough to fit backpacks, coats, textbooks, lunches, gym equipment and more. Even instruments and extra clothing that is needed after school will fit in easily. Providing enough storage space is especially important for middle and high school students who don't stay in one classroom all day. Because they can't leave personal belongings or books in desks, older students require an alternative space that is large enough for everything that is needed during the day.

If your school has many students and there is not enough hallway space for each one to have a full-length locker, double-tier lockers are a good alternative. They provide a good amount of space per-person while enabling the school to fit twice as many storage lockers in the allotted space. This arrangement is better than making two students share one larger school locker. Double-tier models are still large enough for backpacks, lunches and coats.

Elementary school students who generally stay in one room for most of the day do not require quite as much space outside of the classroom. However, teachers probably prefer not to have bulky coats and extra supplies crowding the learning space unnecessarily. Triple-tier lockers will generally provide enough room for younger students who just need somewhere to keep coats, lunches and extra supplies.

Five- and six-tier lockers can be used in a variety of settings. They will fit well in a locker room or teachers' lounge where small amounts of personal storage are needed. This arrangement provides just enough space for smaller items such as gym uniforms or teachers' personal bags. Rather than having to carry around valuable personal items all day, employees can lock things up in the staff lounge and not have to worry about them while they are working.

When gym lockers take up too much space or student athletes are complaining about unpleasant smells, basket racks offer a great alternative to metal lockers. They provide maximum ventilation while keeping contents secure. The open design of their sides and tops diffuses smells from wet and dirty gym clothing and equipment. With steel baskets and metal racks, you get a winning combination that is ideal for workout rooms, gyms and locker rooms.

Storage isn't the only thing that you need in a locker room. Students also need a place to sit down and suit up or take a moment to relax before running onto the court. Penco locker room benches provide a sturdy and attractive place for athletes to sit as they tie their shoes or lace-up their pads. Locker room benches also create the perfect venue for team meetings and pep talks.

Penco lockers will provide your students with secure and organized storage space in school for many years. With budget-friendly prices and attractive colors, you can get the ideal school lockers for an institution of any size from Hertz Furniture. Don't hesitate to take advantage of the Hertz Design Center's free project-planning services to ensure that you get the most attractive layout and efficient installation.