Music Boards

Music Boards
When leading a music class or band practice, it is helpful to have a clear space on which sections of a score can be displayed. Music boards provide permanent lines so it is easy to write out notes. When everyone can clearly see which part of the piece is being focused on, it is easier to understand instructions and play together in harmony.

Permanent lines on music whiteboards are helpful in other contexts as well. They can be used when teaching handwriting, or in any other application where straight lines are needed. Hertz Furniture has wall-mounted and mobile music boards so you can choose you ideal arrangement.

Mobile music boards are ideal for any place where rooms are used for a number of purposes. If you don’t have a separate band practice room or music classroom, it is unlikely that teachers of other subjects will want to have permanent lines going across the dry erase board. When you have a mobile model, you don’t have to worry about getting access to the same room every time you have a music lesson. Instead, you can simply wheel the board into the classroom you are using and have everything you need, no matter where you are.

An additional benefit of our mobile boards is that they provide twice as much work space. With double-sided models, teachers can feel free to fill-up the whole space, and simply flip the board over when they need more room. If there is a desire to reference or return to the notes which were written at the beginning of a lesson, the board can simply be flipped back over, and everything will be exactly where it was.This arrangement also saves the time it would take to erase the board in the middle of a class.

We also have mobile models which include a music board on one side and a natural cork board on the other. This is great when you want to have some extra hanging space, while still having the surface that is needed for music lessons. The cork side can be used to display announcements when there are no lessons going on in that particular space, and simply flipped to the other side when band practice is beginning.

A high-class school that has the space and resources to furnish a designated band room or music room might prefer the wall-mounted option. Our music whiteboards come in a number of different sizes to fit in the wall space you have allotted. A built-in marker tray running along the bottom of the board provides a convenient space for writing implements so instructors don’t have to constantly be holding them or rummaging around to figure out where they are.

Best Rite music boards are designed for years of recitals, debuts and encore performances. The black lines running across them won’t fade, even with repeated use and erasing. When you need to zoom in on notes, scales or chords, these boards provide a reliable space to harness student talent and provide clear instruction.

At Hertz Furniture, we know how important it is to have music in the educational environment. That’s why we provide all of the equipment you need to furnish a music room or band room in your school. Our music boards are designed to make lessons easier for instructors and clearer for students, so everyone can enjoy the experience.

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4x10 Porcelain Steel Music Board

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4x6 Porcelain Steel Music Board

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