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Music Chairs

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The sweet sound of music will reverberate through the halls when your students sit on music chairs that enhance their posture. What kind of music chairs are best for the school band? Whether you prefer upholstered chairs or polypropylene, Hertz Furniture's musician chairs provide proper support during band practice and musical performances.

Unlike regular chairs, music chairs facilitate the proper positioning that is needed while playing instruments. They will fit right into a concert hall, band room or auditorium. With great seating, budding musicians can develop their talents and explore new genres. Free samples are available to qualified organizations.

Do we really need to invest in musician chairs?

Musician chairs are important to have for both practices and performances. Whenever students, amateurs or professionals are playing instruments they need to have proper support in order to play their best. Even those who play while standing need a place to sit in between pieces and those who play instruments while seated certainly need to have proper posture.

What is special about music chairs?

While there are many regular chairs that are comfortable for day-to-day use, there are special features that make a music chair ideal specifically for those who are playing instruments. Stacking chairs provide basic comfort and support, but playing an instrument properly requires specific positioning which is not necessarily facilitated by the general seating options. The seat-to-back angle of musician chairs is designed to make breathing easy so musicians can play smoothly. With this arrangement they will feel great through a long evening of performances and focus on the music.

When learning any new skill, it is important to start off with correct positioning. Bad habits are hard to break, so it is better to learn how to do things the right way in the first place. When the right habits are developed from the beginning, they become natural and will continue to serve musicians throughout their lives and careers. Having a musician chair which promotes proper posture from the first lesson will put young students on the road to success.

Where can I get music chairs for elementary school students?

Facilitating proper positioning requires appropriately-sized furniture. Music furniture that is designed for fully-grown adults is not ideal for young children. With the Musician Posture Chair from Academia, elementary, middle and high school students can enjoy the benefits of proportionate musician seating as they grow and develop. Schools can choose either 16”- or 18”-high seats based on their student population. These posture chairs are available in an attractive array of hues so they can be used to color-code sections of the orchestra on to bring additional classroom colors into the band room.

Adult instrument players deserve to have the same comfort and support as their young counterparts. Upholstered music chairs from KFI offer fully-padded backs and seats along with a healthy angle which promotes proper breathing. These features will keep performers comfortable during and between pieces as their slight forward tilt offers relief from the upper-body strain that comes with supporting instruments during seated concerts.

If you are planning on using your musician chairs for performances or formal events, it is important to make sure that they will fit in an elegant room. Whether they are used in a chapel, auditorium or social hall, the right colors and design have the potential to complement or enhance the decor. Our upholstered musician chairs are available in a variety of fabrics so they can be coordinated with room colors or audience church chairs.

The Melody Musician Chair from National Public Seating is another great option. This stackable, easy-to-clean musician seating offers lumbar support in both upright and reclining positions. The black seat and frame will fit in perfectly in any music room or concert hall. These chairs are available with an optional tablet arm. Chair carts can be ordered for easy transport.

With all of the budget cuts related to arts education, it is important to make sure that music programs really are making a difference to students. Musicians spend many hours practicing to improve their skills, so administrators and teachers should make an effort to show these students that their dedication is appreciated. When you provide student musicians with supportive music chairs from Hertz Furniture, they will understand that their hard work has not gone unnoticed. With the right music room furniture, you can help students take music from the educational environment and make it an important part of their lives.