Stringed Musical Instrument Racks, Instrument Storage & Lockers

Stringed Musical Instrument Racks

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Stringed Musical Instrument Racks

Randal's superb craftsmanship has made their stringed musical instrument racks a favorite of music departments nationwide. Every unit is built to last - and sure to keep your music area neat, secure and organized. With clear individual spaces for each instrument, there is no need to worry about falling, bumping and other kinds of damage. When student musicians have a special place for their violins or cellos, they won’t have to worry about fitting them into lockers or carrying them around all day. String instruments are both expensive and fragile, so you want to make sure that they stay protected on the move. Stringed Musical Instrument Racks have casters for easy transport so your prized possessions can roll smoothly from bandroom to auditorium or concert hall.


  • Durable Edges: Racks feature durable 3mm PVC edging for a finished look.
  • Smooth Rolling: Casters make it easy to move units from room to room without accidents or damage.
  • Optional Embellishments: Optional music-note appliqués can be applied to any side of the cabinet.
  • Custom Arrangements: We can match your school's colors or customize a cabinet to suit your needs - please call 888-793-4999 for details.
  • Free Samples: Available for qualified organizations
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