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Music Marker Boards

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When an orchestra, band or music class is learning a new piece, music boards can make the whole process more efficient. Lines are permanently fused onto the whiteboard which makes writing notes, scales and chords quick and simple. Rather than having to constantly draw new lines, instructors will appreciate having everything set up from the beginning.

Where can you get a whiteboard with music lines? Hertz Furniture offers a great selection of wall-mounted and double-sided boards so you can choose the arrangement that best suits your band room. This convenient piece of music room furniture will make an excellent addition to any practice space.

Why do I need a music staff dry erase board?

Although a regular dry erase board can be used for music instruction, rewriting the music lines every time a new scale or chord is being discussed can be quite tedious. Even for an instructor who can draw straight lines, the process will take away valuable time from lessons. Additionally, while the teacher is spending extra time rewriting, students may become restless and lose their focus, which will use up even more time.

Music whiteboards eliminate the time and hassle it takes to write music lines over and over again. With lines that are permanently fused onto the surface, there is no danger of accidentally erasing them and there is no need to use extra time rewriting. With guaranteed straight lines every time, lessons will be clearer to students. As soon as the conductor or teacher walks into the room, the lesson can begin, and focusing on a new piece or new section is simply a matter of swiftly wiping away the old notes and replacing them with the new ones.

Should I get a music staff whiteboard that’s portable or fixed?

With a choice of wall-mounted and mobile music staff whiteboards, you can get both portable and permanent solutions. Wall-mounted boards are ideal for a room that is always used for musical purposes such as a band room or practice room. When the board is permanently attached to the wall, you can be sure that it will always be there when you need it. There is no need to worry about someone taking the board to another room and having to search all over the school to find it. Additionally, with the music board mounted in a clear space at the front of the room, you can ensure that all students have a clear view of what you are writing.

For orchestras, bands or small groups that practice in a number of different spaces, we also have portable music dry erase boards. There are a few different board options for these double-sided models. For a common practice space that is used for a number of purposes, there is an option with a music board on one side and a bulletin board on the other. With this arrangement you get a great space to write notes and chords as well as a place to hang up flyers about upcoming concerts, practice schedules and other events. No matter what kind of board you choose, you will be emphasizing the importance of arts in education by providing the tools your students need to succeed.

What are the advantages of a portable music staff dry erase board?

Although a wall-mounted board does have its advantages, there are some extra features that make a portable model worth considering. Even if you are always practicing in the same space, having the ability to move the music whiteboard into different positions around the room while working with smaller groups can be quite helpful. Double-sided music boards also offer the added bonus of twice as much writing space. With this arrangement, an instructor can go back to something that was discussed earlier in the lesson without having to redraw it. Additionally, there is no need to waste time erasing because you can simply turn the board over to get a clear surface.

Another great option is having a music board on one side with a regular dry erase board on the other. This can be useful for a classroom that is used for instruction in music as well as other disciplines. Even in a music room that is used exclusively for instrumental instruction, teachers might appreciate having an open space without lines where they can write general notes and important information that is related to the pieces being studied.

At Hertz Furniture, we know how important it is to have music in the educational environment. Our music boards are designed to make instruction easier for teachers and clearer to students. With the right music furniture, you can encourage students to try their best, progress and develop their skills and talents.