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What should you put in the school music room? You need music stands, music chairs and instrument storage that provide your students with the perfect place to let their talents soar. Hertz Furniture's extensive range of music room furniture is specifically designed with the needs of student musicians in mind.

Hit all the right notes with the perfect mix of musician chairs, music stands, and sheet music storage. When students have the right tools, they can march to the beat of their own drums and find their inner voices. Creative expression through music gives youngsters and adolescents focus and confidence that will serve them well far into the future.

Where is the best place to sit while playing an instrument?

Whether students are playing from a seated position, or they just need a place to sit down in between concertos, musician chairs offer the perfect spot. Unlike regular school chairs, they are designed for use in a musical environment. An ergonomic seat-to-back angle helps children and adolescents maintain proper posture for easier breathing. Being seated in a music chair which promotes correct positioning will help performers stay on tune and conserve energy.

Where can you store musical instruments?

Students have plenty of stuff to carry around school, so they don't need the added burden of a heavy instrument. A student musician is often left with the choice of filling locker space with a clarinet or violin, or leaving their valuable property in an insecure place. Rather than making your students choose between these two unattractive alternatives, you can give them great instrument storage right inside your band room. By providing proper music storage you encourage students to develop their talents and pursue arts education.

Instrument lockers and cubbies come in all shapes and sizes so you can store anything from french horns to guitars. Storage cubbies come with locking grated doors or an open configuration. You just have to choose whether you want individually-locking compartments or open storage. When all instruments are kept in the bandroom, students won't have to deal with the inconvenience of forgetting them at home or carrying them back and forth all of the time. Separate compartments in your musical instrument storage also make it easier for musicians to distinguish and find their instruments which helps everyone get set up to play more quickly.

What is the best way to organize sheet music?

With many students in a band or orchestra, you don't want to risk getting sheet music mixed up. Having a proper place to put each score and symphony will help student musicians keep track of their parts so they won't get confused. Hertz Furniture's sheet music storage has lots of compartments so each person can get their own space, or music teachers can store many different pieces in individual spaces.

Having an easy-to-view place to keep the score helps any performance or practice run more smoothly. Music stands are designed to hold sheet music at a comfortable angle for seated or standing students. They feature an adjustable height which makes it easy to accommodate anyone from rising young stars to amteur performers. With the ability to find the proper height and angle for each student, schools can help prevent vision problems.

What kind of board should be used in the music room?

Whether you have music lessons as part of the school curriculum or an afterschool band, there are a number of helpful tools that will facilitate clearer communication between music teachers and their students. Music marker boards have permanent lines which make it easy to clearly illustrate or highlight particular sections of a piece. They save the time of drawing new lines each time and help students see the connections between the notes on their personal sheetmusic and those which are on the board.

In the age of technology, there is no reason not to take advantage of digital devices. Listening centers and headphones offer a great way to bring music into the educational environment. When each student can hear the piece they are learning or studying at their own pace on a personal headset, it is easier to focus. Headphones block out distracting noises that can cause confusion and break a student's focus.

How can I create a performance space without having an auditorium?

After many long hours of practices and excitement, students deserve a worthy performance space. Whether you have a fancy auditorium or just a simple multipurpose room, you can create a professional performance venue with some stages and risers from AmTab, National Public Seating and Midwest Folding Products. We have a huge selection of sizes and styles so you can find a portable stages or choir risers that are a perfect fit for your band or orchestra.

What kind of stage offers flexible configurations?

Our folding risers and portable stages can be arranged and rearranged so you can create a unique setup for every performance. We have everything you need to create the ideal space, whether your musicians are a in seated band, a standing chorus or some combination of the two. With an attractive setup that showcases each of your rising stars, student musicians can feel like the professionals and understand how much you value their efforts and accomplishments.

How can I make a portable stage look more professional?

Once you have chosen your desired stage configuration, you will want to make sure that it looks as elegant as possible. When the audience can see all of the metal supports under the stage, their attention might be drawn away from the musicians. With some budget-friendly, custom-made stage skirting, you can easily cover up anything that is under the stage, creating a more attractive appearance and keeping the audience focused on the performance.

Student achievement shouldn't be exclusively measured by grades and assignments. At Hertz Furniture, we know your youngsters have a lot of potential in many different areas. To help you harness student skills in the performing arts, we have an excellent collection of music room furniture. When you provide student musicians with the right furnishings, they are bound to soar above and beyond any of your expectations. If you are not sure what furniture is ideal for helping students find their inner tunes and harness their skills, contact the Hertz Design Center, and we will be happy to help you find the best band room furniture for your budding stars.