Music Storage

Music Storage

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Hertz Furniture's instrument storage cabinets offer music storage solutions with style. Specialized mobile storage such as cello racks protect cellos and violins from dents and scratches, while larger locking cabinets keep wind and percussion instruments secure. With a wide array of models and styles, you can provide reliable storage for the whole band or orchestra.

We have excellent storage solutions for the whole band room. What's the best way to organize sheet music? Sheet music storage keeps scores organized while musical instrument storage houses everything from from snare drums to bass clarinets. With a variety of configurations, you can find the best cabinets for an orchestra of any size.

Does there really need to be instrument storage in school?

Having a place to store music equipment in the educational environment makes things easier for everyone. Students have enough to worry about with all of their classes, personal needs and extracurricular activities. Providing a place in school where they can keep their violins or piccolos will save them the hassle of worrying about where to put their instruments. When a member of the band forgets their guitar or flute at home, this can cause a lot of frustration for other students as well as teachers. The easiest way to avoid such problems is by having music storage in school.

Aside from the potential inconvenience of forgetting necessary instruments at home, there is also the issue of finding an appropriate place for a trombone throughout the day. Most instruments require a considerable financial investment, so students need a secure place to keep them. While smaller items such as oboes and clarinets might fit in a school locker, the will take up space that might be needed for other things. Instruments that don't fit in a locker will have to be carried around all day, causing quite an inconvenience for musicians and their peers in crowded school hallways.

Where is the best place for instrument storage in school?

With instrument storage in the bandroom, students can leave their clarinets, saxophones or guitars in school and avoid the inconvenience of having to bring them back and forth every day. If they do need to bring them home to practice, they can put them directly in the bandroom when they arrive at school in the morning so there is no need to carry them around all day or find space in lockers. Many of our storage solutions come from Randal Instrument Storage. They are designed specially to store and secure instruments.

How can I be sure that the music storage will fit the instruments in the band?

Because not every band and orchestra has the same instruments, our music storage and instrument lockers come in a variety of configurations. We have medium sized compartments for violins, violas, bassoons, trombones, bass clarinets and tenor saxophones, smaller ones for piccolos, flutes, clarinets or oboes, and large spaces for a snare drum, french horn or alto horn. Most units feature shelves in a number of different sizes because orchestras require instruments of different sizes and shapes.

In addition to choosing the shelf arrangement for your musical instrument storage, there is also the matter of determining whether locked storage is necessary. Compartments are available with an open arrangement, individually-locking grille doors with padlock hatches, or solid doors. Grille doors keep contents visible and secure at the same time while solid doors keep the inside of the compartment hidden from view.

For those who choose open storage, there are a number of options for string instruments. In addition to great shelving for guitars and violins, there are also violin racks and bass racks. These convenient models take up very little space when they are empty and have casters which make them easy to move from room to room. Portability is always helpful because rather than everyone having to carry their things back and forth, one person can easily retrieve a number of instruments and safely move them to the desired location.

Music storage is not limited to instruments. You also need a good way to organize sheet music. We have sheet music storage with many compartments that make it easy for a music teacher, band leader and students to stay organized. Each musician can get their own shelf or compartments can be used to arrange pieces by levels, sections, instruments or any criteria you choose.

How can I move multiple music stands at once?

When it's time to move everything into the auditorium or social hall, music stand carts from National Public Seating can really come in handy. Rather than making many trips back and forth between rooms and carrying everything by hand, multiple music stands can easily be rolled into place at one time by one person. This convenient item can be used with music stands from various manufacturers.

When you are designing a music room, don't forget to include instrument storage and sheet music displays. The benefits of a great music space extend way beyond playing abilities. Music can help students learn about motivation and diligence and even have some great psychological effect such as reducing test taking anxiety. With a great selection of high-quality models from Hertz Furniture, you can give every student a great place to keep their instruments and materials. With this convenient arrangement, both the school day and band practice will run more smoothly.