Occasional Tables

Occasional Tables
End tables and coffee tables can have a huge impact on the impression your office creates. Among occasional tables, there are many different styles to choose from. Whether your office has a traditional or contemporary look, you can find a number of excellent choices that will complement your décor.

Hertz Furniture brings you an attractive selection of budget-friendly cocktail tables and side tables that will enhance any reception area. This high-quality office furniture is designed for the enjoyment and convenience of all who enter a workspace. An appealing accent table can add a lot to a waiting room or lobby.

Our coffee tables have a subtle appeal that enhances the style of a room, without adding too much extra excitement into the mix. They are designed to complement reception seating while providing a convenient place for visitors or patients to place their coffee or water while they wait. A few subtly attractive tables can make any space more inviting.

Occasional tables come in a number of shapes and sizes. Ultimately, the right choice will depend on the arrangement of a reception area. Corner tables and end tables provide a nice space for a lamp or small accessories while leaving the space in the middle of a room open. These are excellent options if you have seating lined up along the walls rather than concentrated in the center of a room. A more open space enables everyone to breathe easily and enjoy some quiet time.

Most accent tables are freestanding, but there are other configuration options. Connecting tables can be attached to two adjacent seats to create a permanent link between them. This arrangement makes it easier to ensure that chairs remain in your ideal setup because it is less likely that others will move furniture out of place.

In a reception area where the seating is arranged around a common center space, putting a coffee table in the middle is ideal. With this setup, a cozy and friendly seating area is centered around the table. Everyone who is waiting in the lobby can share and reach the table. This is convenient because each person can enjoy having a space that is easy to reach to put things down on, but your company doesn’t have to pay for individual end tables between every two seats.

Lesro reception tables offer high-quality elegance in a selection of styles. Their solid wood construction guarantees many years of use and enjoyment while lending an attractive natural appearance to a reception area. These cocktail tables come in a selection of finishes, including options with complimentary high-pressure laminate inlays for an extra touch of style. With many wood hues to choose from, you can coordinate with reception desks or reception seating.

For a touch of timeless elegance, you may want to consider a glass-top occasional table from High Point. Whether you want a small round model, couch table or coffee table, you can enjoy this appealing style in your waiting room. Sleek glass tables will fit in with both contemporary and modern styles to create a professional area that exudes class and luxury.

In a reception area or lobby, it’s the little touches of style that ultimately complete a look. With Hertz Furniture’s stately collection of coffee tables and end tables you can add the perfect finishing touches to your waiting area. If you need help deciding which size, style or configuration is ideal for your particular space, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice from the experts.

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Richmond Corner Table FMO-3030

Richmond Corner Table

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Richmond Cocktail Table FMO-2040

Richmond Cocktail Table

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Let OFM's innovative contemporary school and office furniture transform your space. With comfortable office chairs, guest chairs and conference chairs, you can make sure that there is supportive seating in every part of your workspace. Attractive, functional conference tables, training tables and desks complement these seating choices beautifully.

With Hertz Furniture's large collection of OFM furniture, you can choose from a huge number of models. No matter what your budget is, there is an OFM task chair that can fit the bill. Take your office to the next level with beautiful furniture from OFM.

Nothing can replace comfortable seating in an office or school. When people have a supportive place to sit, they are able to maximize productivity and maintain a better outlook throughout the day. Even when seating is only used on a temporary basis, no one can truly enjoy a ceremony or performance when they are seated in an uncomfortable chair. OFM folding chairs and stacking chairs are ideal for events and performances. They look and feel great, so you can easily transform a gym into an auditorium or a social hall into a banquet venue.

Guests, visitors and clients also need a place to sit while they are waiting for meetings or appointments. When choosing reception furniture, it is important to balance style and comfort. OFM reception chairs and guest chairs come in many styles and colors which can be coordinated to wall colors or other furniture. From fabric chairs to beam seating, the possibilities are virtually endless.

A few fabric chairs will fit in well in the lobby of a law firm or startup where there won't be more than a few people waiting at a time. In a doctor's office or any other place where there could be a number of people waiting, beam seating is a great choice. It provides individual seats in a long row so everyone can have personal space but many people can sit at once.

Office chairs are the most important seating that will have the greatest impact on your company. When employees can sit properly, they are able to work better and faster, and stay happier while they do it. OFM offers a variety of ergonomic office chairs which have different combinations of adjustable features and upholstery choices. Ergonomics is especially important when considering computer furniture. When professionals are properly supported throughout the day by appropriate computer chairs, they can go home without aches and pains.

The right seating is not complete without equally appropriate tables. Give students or employees a great place to take coffee breaks or eat lunch with intimate cafe tables. When hosting a professional-development session or external seminar, functional training tables are essential. With sleek seminar tables, you can provide a great space for taking notes, so participants can easily follow the presentation.

Tables are also an integral piece of conference furniture. Aside from the reception area, the other space where clients and potential business partners are most likely to go when they visit an office is the conference room. The conference table is the centerpiece of the room which sets the tone for the rest of the space. Make sure to choose a shape and size that fit the number of people you will have in the room comfortably.

In the educational setting functional, budget-friendly furniture is a must-have. Educators need appropriate work spaces just as much as their students and other professionals do. Show your hard-working teachers that their efforts are appreciated by providing teachers desks in every classroom. With a work surface and some convenient drawers, it is easy for educators to stay organized and prepare engaging lessons.

With OFM's enticing line of office and school furniture, visitors, students and employees will look forward to entering your beautifully-furnished space. When you combine cozy and supportive seating with sleek, functional work surfaces, you can't go wrong. Give your employees and students the all-star treatment they deserve with OFM furniture.