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The right type of office furniture enables employees to work efficiently by eliminating crowding. What furniture do you need in a private office? Appropriate executive desks and task chairs keep professionals comfortable and organized. With satisfied employees and an attractive space, your company can project professional expertise that will impress clients.

Offices aren’t just about desks and chairs. Whether you are furnishing a law firm, school or non-profit organization, you will also need some useful storage solutions such as file cabinets and office bookcases. At Hertz Furniture, we have all of the attractive and functional office furniture you need to create the optimal workspace arrangement.

What is the most important piece of furniture in a private office?

The central piece of any workspace is the office desk. This important item provides the main venue for working throughout the day. Most executive desks offer some combination of box and file drawers and an open work surface where you can put a computer, writing implements and any electronics that are required. Office desks come in a standard rectangular shape in a choice of sizes, or a larger l- or u-shape which is generally used by company presidents, top executives and principals.

While the shape and size of the office desk are important, they are not ultimately what will create a certain feel or style in the workspace. Traditional office desks and contemporary office desks come in various hues with different accents and additional features. The ideal style for any space depends on the image that a company or institution wants to project. Personal taste should also be taken into consideration since ultimately the professional is the person who spends the most time at the executive desk.

What kind of office desk belongs in a private office?

Although executive desks are attractive and comfortable, there are viable alternatives to this arrangement. Computer desks are an excellent option because they are specially designed to support all of the components of a PC. This style is a great option for a company in which there is very little paper or other office supplies used on a daily basis, and the main focus is on digital production and output.

Not every person in the company needs to have a personal office with a unique desk. Many organizations have open offices that are divided into cubicles for lower level workers. Installing cubicles is cheaper and easier than putting up walls, and it also creates a feeling of camaraderie in the workplace. When many people work in close proximity, it is easier to consult colleagues should questions arise. Need help determining the best layout for your workstations? Just follow our easy office design guide.

How do you choose an office chair?

After an appropriate work surface has been selected, the logical step is to move on to some supportive seating. Mesh office chairs offer great ventilation which is helpful to professionals who are seated all day, especially in warmer areas. Leather office chairs offer the ultimate in luxury and elegance. They will frame any professional in high-class material that exudes expertise and competence. At Hertz Furniture, we believe that hard-working individuals deserve proper support, no matter what size they are, so we offer big and tall office chairs to support larger people as well.

No matter what style of office chair you choose, it is important to take note of the adjustable features. Most executive chairs have an adjustable height which promotes proper posture. There are also a number of options that include an adjustable tilt angle, tilt tension control and adjustable-height armrests. Each of these features furthers ergonomic support which enables workers to maintain proper positioning.

What kind of guest chairs should you get for a private office?

When visitors, clients, colleagues or employees step into an executive office for a personal meeting, they will need a place to sit. A fully-furnished workspace needs to have some cozy guest chairs so everyone will stay comfortable during meetings. Guest chairs come in modern and contemporary styles so they can be coordinated with other office decor.

What is the best way to organize files in an office?

Most companies have lots of files and office supplies that need to be stored. While office desks do offer the space that is needed for necessities, they don’t usually have enough room for everything that a professional needs in the work space. For those who have a lot of reference materials, we have a number of sleek office bookcases, many of which are part of office furniture collections so they can be matched perfectly to office desks. If an extra work surface is needed as well as some space for accessories and small electronics, a credenza with a storage hutch on top of it can be placed behind the executive desk. Of course, some extra file cabinets can always come in handy when there are lots of documents to store.

When many large items need to be stored within the workplace, consider one of our storage cabinets. We have wood storage cabinets as well as steel cabinets with a variety of shelving and hanging space configurations. If documents and hard-copies of forms need to be kept in a safe and organized space, we have a variety of file cabinets. They come in both lateral and vertical configurations, so you can find a style that fits virtually anywhere.

Some professionals like to have a large writing surface for brainstorming and strategy-planning sessions. Whiteboards and blackboards can be mounted onto the wall of an office or ordered as freestanding models. They can really come in handy when individuals or small groups want to keep track of new ideas or plan out a complicated business model.

When you need to furnish an office, or even purchase one new item, you can count on Hertz Furniture. Our great selection of office furniture includes professional-style pieces that will create an inviting yet imposing work space. With the right furniture and the right attitude, you can transform any company into a positive and productive one.