Outdoor Directories

Outdoor Directories
If you have been neglecting posting notices out-of-doors because of inconvenience or unpredictable weather changes, Hertz Furniture has great news. We carry a terrific selection of outdoor directory boards so you can display information clearly to passers by. If you prefer to display your own flyers and posters, choose one of our weatherproof enclosed cork boards.

When your messages and schedule are displayed clearly and visibly outside of your church or school, parents and members can stay informed and visitors will be enticed to come in. Letter boards are easy to rearrange when there is something new to announce. They offer the ideal way to transmit information to as many people as possible.

Tired of people constantly asking the secretary about announcements that they should have seen in E-mails or newsletters? When you have an enclosed bulletin board right outside the entrance of a house of worship, school or community center, newsletters and fliers can be hung up in a prominent place and an organized way. Unlike regular bulletin boards in hallways or other indoor spaces, enclosed tack boards that are mounted outdoors can be viewed even when the building is locked. They create the perfect way to ensure that everyone stays informed without having to constantly bother secretaries and administrators.

Bulletin boards come in a variety of sizes and surface materials. Shatterproof acrylic doors make it easy to view the papers inside while protecting them from the elements. Locking doors ensure that nobody will tamper with papers inside or use the space for unauthorized personal announcements and advertisements. We have bulletin boards with classic cork or vinyl surfaces. While self-healing cork is easy to use, vinyl is a great choice for outdoor use because it won’t fade in the sun like cork.

To advertise to the broader public and make your message clear to all, choose from our wide selection of letter boards. Outdoor directories have large lettering that stands out against a contrasting background, so it is easy to view your message from far away. This is a great arrangement for promoting community events, advertising sports games and conveying important information.

Letter boards are available in either single- or double-faced configurations. Single-faced directories are good when the sign is facing the road, or on a one-way street, so anyone who is walking or driving by can read them. Double-faced models can be seen from both directions, which is ideal for a busy street where vehicles pass by quickly in two directions. With twice as much room to work with, the same message can be arranged on each side or announcements can be set up on one side with a special message on the other.

There are a number of enhancements that can make a bulletin board or letter board really stand out. We have models with headers where you can display the name of your church, school or business prominently. When people see your institution’s name displayed in big letters, they are more likely to take note of it and remember what they read.

Another way to call attention to announcements is to purchase an illuminated display. Built-in lighting will highlight contents in any weather, at any time of day. Rather than having to squint, slow down or stop to see exactly when the next town hall meeting is, people can simply view the display regularly. With great lighting, your words will always stand out and draw notice.

When choosing a display that is meant to be outside, it is important to take note of where it can be mounted or installed. Some units must be under an awning or overhang. While they are built for outdoor use, they may not be able to stay in great condition when directly bombarded with harsh rain or snow. However, many choices are designed to be placed anywhere in the great outdoors, so your messages and announcements will stand out in any kind of weather.

At Hertz Furniture, we know that every institution has unique needs and spacial arrangements, so we offer a huge variety of enclosed bulletin boards and letter boards. With various sizes and styles, you can select the best options for the space that you have. Our display spaces come from reliable manufacturers including Aarco and United Visual. For a free consultation regarding sizing, ordering or placement, contact the experts at the Hertz Design Center.

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Bronze Single Faced Illuminated Directory (70 AMS-5070B

Bronze Single Faced Illuminated Directory (70"x50")

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Bronze Double Faced Illuminated Directory (70"x50")

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Bronze Single Faced Illum Directory w/Title Text (84x54 AMS-5484B

Bronze Single Faced Illum Directory w/Title Text (84x54")

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Bronze Double Faced Illum Directory w/Title Text  (86x52 AMD-5484B

Bronze Double Faced Illum Directory w/Title Text (86x52" )

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