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Enjoy the great outdoors as never before with park equipment and furniture for your school or community center.
Whether you are arranging a new school playground or enhancing the courtyard of your building, Hertz Furniture has the outdoor equipment you need. Where should you put picnic benches and garbage cans? Make sure that your large picnic tables, trash cans and recycling bins are in attractive outdoor areas. Don't forget an eye-catching message board to promote awareness for all of the great things you are doing.

All of our products are constructed from high-quality materials and meet government safety and ADA guidelines. We provide free extended warranties, so you can be sure that your playground equipment will provide many years of safe fun.

What is the best playground equipment?

Having lots of things for kids to do at recess will make everyone's experience more enjoyable. With a large commercial playground equipment, you can provide tons of activities for your students in one sturdy unit. Recess is more than just play, it is an opportunity to get out some energy, socialize and develop motor skills. With plenty of things to climb up, slide down and swing on, all children can benefit from the free time.

Our playgrounds come in a number of different sizes and styles from Kidstuff Play Systems and UltraPlay. Whether you need equipment for a small private preschool or large public elementary school, we have a number of great models to choose from. Be sure to check the capacity and dimensions of the playgrounds you are considering to ensure that they will fit your student population and physical space.

What are the benefits of a school playground?

School playgrounds are both fun and educational. As kids enjoy climbing, sliding and exploring, they are actually developing important life skills. Problem-solving, gross-motor skills, coordination and teamwork can all be developed as children swing, glide and challenge themselves. With the right kind of playground set, your students will have so much fun, they won’t even realize how critical their movements are to their own development.

While children are at play, supervisors need a place to watch them from. Recess is not a break for teachers, they need to keep an eye on the children, but that doesn't mean they have to be standing or sitting in an uncomfortable place. A few durable outdoor benches placed in close proximity to play equipment will provide educators with an appropriate place to sit and supervise. Children might also appreciate having a place to sit down and take a break from all of the action.

Great outdoor seating can also add a lot to the experience of sports teams. Long team benches will fit well in the dugout or on the sidelines of the soccer field. Student athletes will enjoy sitting on the sidelines and cheering on their teammates as they prepare to get in the game and contribute as well.

What should I look for in a picnic table?

Help your students enjoy the beautiful weather and offer an alternative to the indoor cafeteria with UltraPlay picnic tables. Vibrant colors and a selection of shapes can create an attractive configuration for any space. These durable picnic benches are built to withstand the elements with high-tech thermoplastic coating that will keep them looking like new through many years of use and enjoyment.

Do I need trash cans on the playground?

Having proper waste receptacles is important for every eating area and playground. If there are no trash cans around, people are likely to leave garbage on play equipment or picnic tables, rather than carrying it around in search of a proper place to dispose of it. Well-placed garbage cans encourage students and employees to clean up after themselves, so your cleaning staff won't have to do extra work.

Garbage bins are available in a selection of colors and styles. Bright hues can be matched to play grounds for a coordinated space. In a professional setting, subdued shades that blend in with the surroundings will provide proper waste disposal without detracting from manicured gardens or elegant courtyards.

How can I go green at school?

When considering the waste disposal options, every eco-friendly company and school needs recycle bins. They can be placed right next to trash cans so no one even has to go out of their way to recycle. Promoting environmentally-friendly initiatives teaches students that it's not hard to be green at school -- or anywhere else. Glaro recycling cans are convenient for students and the maintenance staff who empties out waste receptacles because they keep materials organized and properly sorted.

What is the best way to promote an event?

With great outdoor furniture and equipment from Hertz Furniture, you can host lots of exciting events in your school or church. To promote your event and ensure that the community stays informed about upcoming holiday parties, assemblies and more, use our wide selection of enclosed bulletin boards and outdoor message boards. With a cork board or letter board in the front of the building, you can easily display messages to passerby. This will keep all members and potential newcomers informed about the exciting programming that you have planned. To make messages even more prominent, consider a model with illumination or a custom header.

At Hertz Furniture, we have all of the outdoor equipment you need to furnish playgrounds, courtyards, picnic areas and more. With the right outdoor furniture, students and employees will just love spending breaks outside and getting energized for the rest of the day.

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  • Folding
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  • For Ages
    • 6-23 Months
  • Frame Finish
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  • Height
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  • Length
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  • Seat Material
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  • Seating Style
    • Cluster
  • Shape
    • Rectangle
  • Style
    • Booth and Cluster Seating
  • Table Seating Capacity
    • 4
  • Tabletop Surface Material
    • Stainless Steel
  • Warranty
    • 25 Years
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  • Weight Capacity
    • 250 Lbs. Per Seat
  • Width
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    • 48.00
    • 79.00
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Cluster Table with Stainless Steel Top (24x48) CLU-1004

Cluster Table with Stainless Steel Top (24x48)

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Stainless Steel Cluster Table (24x48) CLU-1004-S

Stainless Steel Cluster Table (24x48)

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Cluster Table with Stainless Steel Top (30x48) CLU-1005

Cluster Table with Stainless Steel Top (30x48)

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Stainless Steel Cluster Table (30x48) CLU-1005-S

Stainless Steel Cluster Table (30x48)

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Learn-a-Lot Play Station & Sensory Wall LAL-142

Learn-a-Lot Play Station & Sensory Wall

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Flexible classroom furniture will transform the way your students learn. By promoting a variety of configurations, flexible school furniture supports many learning and teaching styles. With adaptable furniture, teachers can utilize group work and collaborative efforts without having to take too much time to rearrange.

The more students move around and are exposed to varying tasks, the better they will be able to absorb and process information. Flexible chairs and desks encourage innovation. They will help children develop their unique skills and interests by learning in different ways.

Most jobs in the modern world require some degree of collaboration, and the ability to work cooperatively to achieve a goal or complete a task is important for everyone. Mobile furniture facilitates project-based learning, which prepares students for the world outside of their formal education. It also saves money because schools can use the same flexible classroom furniture in many ways, rather than having to purchase new items for various purposes.

Rearranging a learning space several times in the course of the day draws students' attention and encourages children with differing strengths to contribute to the learning community. Flexible tables and desks promote individual work as well as group work. They can be arranged in clusters for collaboration or long rows for frontal lessons. Groups can also be varied in number according to the task at hand.

Flexible classroom furniture includes way more than the basics. Room dividers and whiteboards can play a key role in independent group work or small-group learning facilitated by a teacher. Individual clusters can use dry erase boards for brainstorming and sharing ideas, and then display their work so the rest of the class can see it. This option promotes creative solutions and thinking out of the box much more than a regular pen and paper. It also enables those who were not in the original group to get a clear picture of the ideas being presented as well as the thought processes which led to them.

Dividers are another great piece for those who want to maximize classroom configuration options. An open design in which small groups sit adjacent to each other and can overhear each others' conversations can help students come up with new ideas. However, some students might find the murmur of other groups to be distracting. Partitions can separate one room into clear sections so students can focus on their group and not be distracted by others who are close by. When an open learning environment is desired once again, they can easily be wheeled off to the side in a matter of seconds.

Educators benefit from flexible classroom furniture because it enables them to teach in a variety of ways. To create an even more versatile learning space, consider an adaptable teacher desk. The Nate desk has an extendable work surface which provides a great space for meeting with students as well as a built-in adjustable lectern. This gives teachers the ability to sit and work or stand and teach without having to move around or rearrange anything.

Having things in the classroom which can be used for a variety of purposes encourages young learners to explore and develop their creativity. Even from a young age, children can benefit from flexible furniture. In a preschool classroom, A+ activity tables let young learners work independently, in pairs, or in larger groups without having to move anything at all. Children simply rotate their bodies in different directions and they can benefit from different learning styles. Bentwood stools can form interlocking rows or circles so little ones can enjoy learning from many different vantage points. Cube chairs can be used as flexible chairs, tables or building toys - it all depends on what your students want to do with them.

Playpanel room dividers can expand your options in an early-childhood educational setting. They offer a great way to divide a room into preschool learning centers where young students can choose to participate in activities that appeal to them. Unlike permanent walls or heavy room dividers, play panels can be switched around on a weekly, or even daily basis. They will pique your students' curiosity and provide unlimited possibilities for what you can do with your classroom.

While designing a flexible classroom, storage should be a consideration. Mobile storage cabinets are ideal because they enable you to transport contents without having to do any heavy lifting. When even the cabinets can be moved around easily, almost any configuration can be arranged using flexible school furniture.

Flexible furniture can also come in handy in a business environment. Mobile training tables are perfect for professional-development seminars or training sessions. Flip tops make them easy to set up, transport and store. With casters at the end of each leg, moving them into position is a breeze. Flexible office furniture lets you set up conferences in a variety of configurations, without the limitations that regular tables have.

Mobile AV carts are necessary in both today's schools and offices. Bringing technology into the classroom is much easier when everything can easily be rolled from one room to another. Audio visual carts can hold your laptop, projector and other digital equipment so you can make a slideshow or play a video clip virtually anywhere.

With Hertz Furniture's versatile school furniture, a flexible classroom is right at your fingertips. You can have all of the student desks and school chairs you need with the ability to reconfigure them in numerous ways. Figuring out the logistics of choices and quantities can be quite daunting for those who have never chosen flexible school furniture. If you need help identifying the right flexible furniture for your school or office, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice from the experts.