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Picnic Tables

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Which outdoor picnic tables are built to last? With resin and metal picnic tables from Ultra Play, students and employees can enjoy the weather at lunchtime for years to come. Picnic benches encourage people to enjoy the great outdoors rather than spending all day inside.

Any equipment that is permanently left outside needs to be super durable. Hertz Furniture’s outdoor picnic tables feature a special coating that will keep them looking great in any climate. The weather might be unpredictable, but you can be sure that our picnic tables will serve you well through many years.

What makes the most low maintenance picnic tables?

Maintenance crews and cleaning staff have enough to worry about inside the building, so you want to make sure that your outdoor furniture doesn’t cause undue labor. Most of our picnic benches are coated with non-porous thermoplastic which makes them very easy to clean. Even graffiti can be wiped away in no time with the use of a strong solvent. Alternatively, you can also choose resin picnic tables which have the appeal of natural wood and are very low-maintenance as well.

When you are adding a new item to an outdoor area, you want to make sure that it blends well with natural surroundings and other equipment that is already in that space. Ultra Play picnic tables have a sleek attractive appearance. They are available with either a diamond cut or perforated pattern in a great selection of colors. This allows them to be coordinated with school colors, waste receptacles, playgrounds or other outdoor equipment.

Where can I get flexible picnic benches?

Appearance isn’t everything, safety and stability must be taken into account as well. Our outdoor picnic tables feature rounded corners which minimize the risk of injuries and snags. They can be left in a freestanding, portable position in case you choose to move them, or surface-mounted for secure positioning. Depending on the arrangement of the space where you plan to put your picnic bench, and how many people you want to accomodate, you can also choose between round, rectangle and square tables.

There are a number of venues that can benefit from the addition of an outdoor eating area. If your office building has a courtyard, a picnic table will give employees a comfortable and relaxing place to go for breaks. In an educational setting, it will offer a great alternative to the noisy and crowded cafeteria. When the weather is appropriate, students will just love having a quiet, separate space to eat outside. A round picnic table is the perfect place for students to meet for some peer mediation, personal encouragement or quite discussions.

Where can I get picnic tables for preschoolers?

Preschool picnic tables are just perfect for the tot playground at your preschool or daycare center. They are the perfect size for young children so they can sit comfortably as they munch on fruit or cookies, or just take a little break from the excitement on the playground. Picnic benches offer the perfect place for an outdoor snack or class activity when the weather is nice. You might even want to consider doing some of your messier projects there, so you don’t have to worry about classroom materials getting dirty in the process.

If you want a great spot to eat outside with elementary school students, we have children’s picnic benches as well. When teachers want to give lessons about nature, weather or the seasons, they can simply take the whole class outside for an hands-on, experiential lesson. This also offers a great alternative lunch space when the cafeteria is crowded and the weather is nice.

How can you make picnic tables wheelchair accessible?

No matter what kind of furniture you are purchasing for a school, you want to make sure that it accommodates as many students as possible. Wheelchair accessible picnic tables allow all children to be included in outdoor meals and breaks. ADA compliant schools demonstrate the value of each individual, no matter what their physical capabilities are.

At Hertz Furniture, we know how important it is to spend time outside and enjoy nature. Our picnic tables are designed to provide low-maintenance outdoor eating areas that many students can enjoy. With a few great picnic benches, you can encourage students or employees to take a break and get a breath of fresh air before continuing on with the busy day ahead.