Play Furniture

Play Furniture

Preschool play furniture helps young children develop basic skills and discover the world around them. Hertz Furniture offers an extensive selection of soft play and pretend play furniture to fit any budget, because we realize how important playtime is for today's preschoolers.

What kind of activities should you have in a preschool? Recreational furniture like sand and water tables, play panel centers and more facilitate just the activities you need to help students grow. Hertz Furniture offers a great variety of play furniture to accommodate little ones in various stages of development.

What kinds of pretend play furniture are there?

If you are just starting to furnish a new building or program, or designing a montessori classroom Hertz Furniture offers just the variety you need to create a selection of activity centers and play areas. Our make believe furniture is appealing and fun, so children can feel free to play pretend in a realistic dramatic play area. We have everything you need to furnish a play kitchen from major appliances to cleaning supplies. Want to feed and take care of the baby while cooking or cleaning? A play high chair and bassinet provide a great place for baby dolls, enhancing play scenarios.

Little ones can let their imaginations soar out of the home-style setting and into the busy town outside. The play mailbox, store and puppet theater are just waiting to be used with by some curious youngsters. Through pretend play, children explore the world around them and gain an opportunity for personal expression. A puppet center and dramatic play center aren’t just part of the latest preschool trends, they are also an integral part of your little ones’ growth and development. Giving little ones a platform for acting out scenarios encourages cooperative learning and individual exploration.

Our play furniture isn't just for older preschoolers who are ready to talk and pretend. We offer plenty of play furniture that is just right for babies and toddlers. Shatterproof mirrors in a variety of shapes and styles encourage little ones to examine their own reflections as they learn about the world around them. Mirrors help babies learn how to track images and focus while promoting social and emotional development.

What toys are safe for toddlers?

Soft play toys promote gross-motor skill development and are safe enough for your youngest students. Their pliability makes them easy to grasp - even for your youngest learners who are developing grabbing skills. Many of our soft play toys come in vibrant and enriching colors, so they also make your classroom more inviting. Their vinyl exteriors are easy to wipe down and resistant to rips and tears. Soft blocks are perfect for young learners because they are lightweight, easy to grab and lots of fun to stack.

Big soft shapes are great for climbers and crawlers. We offer large shape sets that can be arranged and rearranged to help little ones focus on different gross motor skills. They promote balance and encourage curiosity. Large soft shapes are perfect for developing learners because they cushion trips and falls. Soft slides, steps, ramps and more form an enticing indoor playground that is just right for the children in your preschool or daycare.

How can you make a safe play area for babies or toddlers?

Play yards are great for babies and young toddlers. They keep children safe while providing them with a personal play area. Many of our play pools include safety pads for comfortable seating and fall cushioning. Play yards can also be used as colorful ball pits for lots of fun and adventure. Some even include activity panels.

What is good to have for circle time?

A selection of soft floor cushions is great for cuddling, curling up with a good book, circle time and adding some extra excitement to your learning space. We offer a variety of imaginative animal-shaped pillows which can be used as floor cushions, toys or decorations. They help young children learn about animals while brightening up your classroom.

What are the best preschool learning centers to have in my classroom?

It is important to supply little ones with a variety of choices for play activities. Classic wooden blocks are a great way to practice grabbing and stacking. They encourage children to explore the properties of wood and practice balancing. Because wooden blocks come in large sets, they also facilitate group play, social interaction and cooperation.

There may be children in your classroom who enjoy the comfort of repetitive movement or the adventure of moving vehicles. Ride-on toys are great for children who are developing their coordination, as well as those who just want some active fun in the classroom. Rocking toys are also a popular favorite. They enable children to use energy and work on their motor skills without moving around the room.

Whether you are a teacher or caregiver for babies, toddlers or even a pre-kindergarten class, Hertz Furniture has the play furniture selection you need to provide your students with the best equipment. Our wide variety of models from leading manufacturers including Wood Designs and Children's Factory guarantees you years of use and enjoyment. A great selection of activity centers will help your students learn better and develop important skills. Overwhelmed by all of the options? Call Hertz Furniture today and our design team will be happy to help you choose the perfect equipment for your space and needs.