Podiums and Lecterns
Maximize the effectiveness of your speeches with an attractive conference podium from Hertz Furniture. During important presentations, a visually-appealing lectern will help keep your audience focused while projecting a sense of authority and professionalism. Our podiums come in many different materials including acrylic and wood.

What is the best podium microphone? We have lots of high-quality podiums with microphones. Whether you need a church pulpit, podium or multimedia lectern, we offer a number of great options. Many of our models come with a complimentary extended warranty, so you can enjoy years of worry-free use.

How can I keep my notes from falling off of the podium?

The basic lectern design includes a raised surface where one can place notes and other materials that are needed for the presentation. However, there are many available enhancements which facilitate a wider range of use. Podiums that are meant to be used with notes or books have an inclined reading surface with a bookstop which facilitates easy viewing and prevents materials from falling off.

What kind of podium is flexible?

Adjustable-height podiums are ideal because they accommodate speakers of all sizes. They are convenient in any setting, but are particularly useful for a school where they might be used for student government campaign speeches or awards presentations. We also offer a number of mobile podiums. Casters make it easy to roll your lectern from place to place as needed without requiring too much physical strength or strain.

For a very convenient option that can serve almost any purpose, try the height-adjusting portable podium from OSC. This lightweight lectern can be set up and whisked away in no time. It's compact size takes up very little space, so it is easy to store or keep on the side when not in use.

What kind of lectern looks modern and professional?

Clear acrylic podiums have a sleek modern appeal that breaks down the barriers between speaker and audience. Shatterproof acrylic doesn't block the speaker, but provides a comfortable reading surface. The contemporary design is perfect for a high-tech company or anyone who wants to stay on the cutting edge.

How can I keep all of my multimedia equipment mobile?

In the digital age, plain audio presentations just don't cut it all the time. Our selection of presentation AV carts and multimedia lecterns offers a number of different options which accommodate various electronics. Whether you need to hold a laptop, slide projector, document camera or all of the above, our audio-visual options have everything you need. Many include a convenient built-in powerstrip as well. For maximum convenience, choose a model which includes a locking cabinet, so electronics remain secure between presentations. If you prefer to use a desktop computer, you can purchase a computer cart which includes a CPU holder and pull-out keyboard tray. Any of these arrangements offers a great way to bring technology into the classroom.

Looking for a podium that can reach thousands?

You can get a podium with microphone and speakers so you don't have to worry about finding the appropriate equipment and hooking it up. The distinguished appearance of OSC sound lecterns is befitting important addresses and world-renowned orators. We even offer a model with an LCD screen on the front so you can display your company logo or photos and diagrams during speeches.

If you don't need a full-size lectern but enjoy the comfort of a raised reading surface, try a tabletop podium. This convenient option offers the benefits of a comfortable reading surface without taking up very much room. We even offer a tabletop lectern with a user-friendly built-in sound system.

Lecturers spend hours preparing speeches and presentations, so they deserve to be framed by a lectern that exudes authority and professionalism. Make sure that your voice is heard and your message is clear with an attractive professional podium from Hertz Furniture. Or selection includes many attractive models that are great for schools, churches, companies and anywhere else a podium is needed.

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Being eco friendly isn't just a passing fad, it's a better way of life. With over 2,500 environmentally friendly furniture models to choose from at Hertz Furniture, you can go green without compromising on comfort, quality or style. Just look for the Certified Green symbol and you'll know you are getting a healthier product that will promote a sustainable existence.

From office furniture to classroom furniture and everything in between, don't hesitate to fill your space with eco friendly models. With such a great selection, you can stay true to your values and still decorate your space according to your own personal preferences.

So what exactly is eco friendly furniture? If you see a school desk or office chair with a Greenguard or MAS Certified Green symbol next to it, you can be sure that it has been tested and found to have low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions. VOCs are the main cause of indoor air pollution- which is just as unhealthy and undesirable as it sounds. If you want to have a healthy work environment for your students and employees, certified green is the way to go.

What are the benefits of green and eco-friendly classrooms?

In addition to giving students a healthier classroom environment, studies show the profound influence eco-friendly classrooms have on learning. According to research from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, learning spaces with high air quality and natural lighting conditions can boost productivity. Furthermore, sustainable facilities can improve student performance by up to 20%.

It's not hard to be green at school or in the office when you have so many models to choose from. Green building and sustainability are only becoming more and more important. Because we are more aware than ever of the impact pollution can have on our planet, there has been a big push for product manufacturers to address the impact of their products on the environment. This is definitely a good thing that we should be happy about. It also means there are no excuses for an office not taking advantage of all the green options. With so many passionate environmentalists out there, don't be surprised if the right eco friendly office furniture starts earning you some new clients.

Even people who are passionate about taking care of the environment might not have time to research all kinds of materials and products. An environmentalist also doesn't have to be someone who has studied the field in an academic setting. A person can care about health and sustainability without understanding anything about chemical compounds used in manufacturing. For everyone out there who cares, Certified Green products can be trusted. Experts who know everything about chemical emissions and sustainability have checked these products thoroughly, and if they give their certification, you know you can count on it.

There are many different green certifications out there, but a lot of them are looking for similar things. If you are worried about VOCs, MAS Certified Green products have passed extensive emissions testing performed by experts in the field. The tests are in compliance with industry standards. Products with the SCS stamp of approval are part of sustainable solutions. SCS is determined to safeguard our environment, support workers and communities and raise the standard of living for all.

Eco friendly companies that are selling furniture still need to be concerned about the buyer's needs in terms of comfort and style. Luckily, there are certifications that combine ratings for comfortable and eco friendly office furniture. The CHPS symbol recognizes products that are comfortable, healthy, energy-efficient and safe.Schools should definitely look for this certification on products they are considering because high indoor air quality and good daylight keep students healthy and happy so they can learn better. With the right designs, distractions are reduced so students can see and hear properly.

Office and school furniture that is ANSI BIFMA certified is recognized for comfort, safety, sustainability and durability. BIFMA guidelines help eco friendly furniture stores promote good environmental equilibrium, health and well-being. With a standard that tests durability, you can be sure that your school chairs or office desks will be around for a long time. The longer your office chair lasts and maintains a professional appearance, the less materials you will have to waste by replacing it.

When you are looking for some new bookcases or computer chairs, make sure to go green. When you buy from environmentally friendly companies, you invest in the future of your company or school. Make the eco friendly choice to start working toward a better tomorrow today. If you need help outfitting your space with affordable eco friendly furniture, contact the experts in the Hertz Design Center for personalized green solutions.