Preschool Art

Preschool Art
Inspire future artists with colorful and durable preschool art furniture. Hertz Furniture has everything you need to inspire creative young minds. With great kids easels, drying racks and smocks you can facilitate a variety of creative activities. From creation to cleanup, promoting toddler art has never been so easy or so much fun.

With papers securely clipped to easels for kids and toddlers, it’s easier for little ones to explore different mediums including paints, crayons, chalk and more. No need to worry about clothes getting dirty, we also have appropriately-sized smocks which protect clothes while young artists paint.

Painting on regular preschool tables can stain the work surface and dominate a main workspace. When you have some appropriately sized easels in a daycare or preschool classroom, kids can feel free to paint without worrying about the mess. Many of our models have a number of painting stations in a single unit so a few children can enjoy them at the same time.

Especially when the creative artists are young, it is important to make sure that materials are placed in a position where they are accessible and won’t spill easily. Many of our easels have paint trays just below the work surface which hold containers of paint securely in place as little ones construct their masterpieces. Clips hold drawing paper in place so there is no need to worry about it moving or sliding around. For convenient storage, we also have easels for kids with extra shelves below so you can store paints, brushes, crayons, chalk and other materials.

Paint isn’t the only medium that children will enjoy creating original work with. You can enable little ones to choose what they want to work with by ordering childrens easels which can be used with various materials. Chalkboard easels are great to have in an early-childhood setting because chalk is easy to wash out of clothing and doesn’t make a mess in the room. Students can feel free to go over to the chalk station and make creations on their own, and teachers don’t have to worry about potential spills and stains.

If there is not enough room in the classroom for permanent childrens easels, or a daycare center is trying to conserve funds, mobile kids art easels are a good option. They can be shared among a number of classrooms so little ones will have the opportunity to paint, but a school doesn’t have to provide separate easels for each room. This is a great option for those who are trying to conserve space. Rather than having to bring the whole class to a separate art room when there is a project that requires working with paints, the art supplies can simply be rolled into the classroom and rolled back out when the project is complete.

The six-student paint center from Childbrite lets many kids enjoy working with paints. Students can work next to their friends while still enjoying a personal space where no one will interfere with their projects. It includes individual paint trays at each station so young artists can keep their own sets of colors handy. This user-friendly model doubles as a paint drying rack. The middle section has clips and lines where paintings can hang. The clear plastic painting stations enable children to admire their work and that of their classmates as it dries.

When little ones are using paints, it is only natural for educators and parents to be concerned about stains and messes. The ideal is to provide maximum creative license while still ensuring that there is not too much cleanup for adults to do when projects have been completed. With washable smocks from Children’s Factory, young artists can create to their hearts’ content and caregivers can rest assured that clothing is protected.

Any space where projects are being worked on requires an appropriate place to put them afterward. We have art drying racks in both wood and metal so kids don’t have to wait for other students’ work to dry before they can use easels. It is always great to have a place nearby to move completed works, especially with little ones running around. You don’t want wet projects to get in the way of other activities, and children can get quite upset when their work gets ruined. Racks keep paintings in a safe place until they are ready to be taken home.

Art drying racks come in a selection of styles, so you can choose the configuration that best fits your space. We have hanging, tabletop and freestanding models, so there is a great solution for a classroom of any size. Mobile units are perfect for early-childhood settings because they enable paintings to be taken out of the room without the risk of damage. This saves classroom space and prevents little ones from tampering with each other’s work.

When you need preschool furniture that supports toddler art, Hertz Furniture has it all. Our easels, smocks and art drying racks are designed to give young learners the optimal hands-on creative experiences. If you need help choosing the best models for your art learning center, or you can figure out the optimal arrangement, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice from the experts.

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