Presentation Boards

Presentation Boards
When an executive or project-manager wants to give an upscale presentation to impress prospective clients or business partners, a professional presentation board is essential. While regular whiteboards provide an appropriate writing surface, they don’t always have the classy style that is needed in a business setting.

Hertz Furniture’s high-class dry erase boards will fit well in a conference room or executive office. We have many portable models as well as wall-mounted units with wood or wood-veneer doors. A great white board is sure to come in handy when illustrating a point, brainstorming or recording key terms.

Having a presentation space right in an executive office or conference room will demonstrate competence and preparedness. While a portable model can serve the same function, it will usually provide a smaller writing surface and will not be as aesthetically pleasing. Wall-mounted whiteboards are convenient because they save time and eliminate the extra worry of remembering to set up yet another item before a meeting starts.

When a dry-erase board is not in use, it can disrupt the flow and style of an elegant space. Wood veneer or laminate-finish doors offer the convenience of having what you need there at all times, while maintaining a classy space. When the whiteboard is not in use, it can be protected and covered in a way that complements other office furniture.

Some of our models are part of larger office furniture collections. With this arrangement, you can coordinate perfectly with an office desk, conference table and other pieces. Alternatively, the door hue can be matched to the wood stain of other furniture, even if it is not part of the same collection, or used to bring a new complementary shade into the workspace.

With the doored option, a professional who is running a meeting also has the added benefit of being able to write items on the board that are needed for the beginning of a meeting or session, which are revealed when it begins. Clients and colleagues are sure to be impressed when a carefully-mapped plan or diagram is revealed right at the start. This saves time during the session and demonstrates preparedness and organization.

Some models come with extra features that can be quite helpful to have. If you want a space to hang printouts that were passed around or personal notes, there is an option for a configuration that includes cork board panels inside. With important information tacked up right next to the board, the project manager won’t have to keep running back and forth to look at notes or retrieve papers.

Hunting around for a writing implement or eraser during a meeting gives off a disorganized impression. No matter what style of white board you have, whether it is used in a professional or educational setting, a marker tray is always convenient. One of the benefits of having a white writing surface is that many different colors can be seen easily. Anyone who wants to keep a number of markers around with an accessible eraser as well will benefit from having a tray at right at the bottom of the writing surface.

Many modern companies and institutions like to use slideshows when they are proposing a project or explaining a new venture. With projection whiteboards from Aarco, slides can be projected onto a surface that is easy to view. Unlike a regular white wall, which can simply display a slide, a white board can be written on. This arrangement is great because it enables executives to draw attention to certain parts of slides during presentations.

While the wall-mounted option is an excellent one, a portable whiteboard is a great alternative for a room where there is not enough wall space or a large writing surface is not often needed. The portable solution enables you to provide a space for recording information in any part of the work space including personal offices or temporary seminar rooms. They are easy to carry in and out as needed and provide the perfect space for brainstorming, recording key terms or displaying the meeting agenda.

For a larger portable presentation surface, try BestRite whiteboards. They roll into position on casters, so they can easily be moved around without being lifted. These two-sided models provide twice as much writing space. When one side has been filled with great new ideas and innovations, the board can simply be turned around to reveal a new clean surface. If you want to review something or return to an aforementioned point, just turn the board around again, and all of your previous notes will still be there.

Hertz Furniture’s presentation boards are designed to provide an accessible and smooth writing surface that looks great in a professional environment. Our covered whiteboards come from reliable office furniture manufacturers including OSC, Mayline and Offices to Go. If you need help deciding which dry erase board is right for your space, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.

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Lightning Projection Magnetic Whiteboard (3'x5') LB-35

Lightning Projection Magnetic Whiteboard (3'x5')

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Lightning Projection Magnetic Whiteboard (6'X4') LB-46

Lightning Projection Magnetic Whiteboard (6'X4')

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Lightning Projection Magnetic Whiteboard (10'X4') LB-410

Lightning Projection Magnetic Whiteboard (10'X4')

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Enclosed Wallboard in Walnut GHE-C2-44D

Enclosed Wallboard in Walnut

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Lightning Projection Magnetic Whiteboard (18 LB-32

Lightning Projection Magnetic Whiteboard (18"x24")

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Lightning Projection Magnetic Whiteboard (8'X4') LB-48

Lightning Projection Magnetic Whiteboard (8'X4')

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Lightning Projection Magnetic Whiteboard (12'X4') LB-412

Lightning Projection Magnetic Whiteboard (12'X4')

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Whether you need presentation space for a classroom, hallway or meeting room, Aarco boards are incredibly convenient. They come in a huge selection of shapes and sizes, so you can put them almost anywhere. When you are looking for a whiteboard, chalkboard, bulletin board or message board Hertz Furniture has what you need.

With outdoor and indoor models, you can ensure that your message is heard loud and clear in any space. Aarco Products brings you high-quality boards at budget-friendly prices. With the right dry erase boards and blackboards, you can keep classes, meetings or seminars clear and organized.

Any company, institution or school can benefit from having some clear display space. Even when announcements are made and E-mails are sent to the whole mailing list, many people will forget about important events if they are not reminded. With bulletin boards in hallways, lobbies and outdoor areas, you can hang signs in places where people are sure to see them.

You can choose from a selection of vinyl and cork boards, both of which are easy to use. Simply staple or tack papers in place and they will remain visible to your target audience. Unlike cork, vinyl will not fade in the sunlight. If there is a concern that students might try to hang up unauthorized fliers, posters or announcements, enclosed bulletin boards with locking doors will ensure that only approved materials are displayed.

For a more organized and professional-style message space, try an indoor or outdoor message board. Letter boards are used with easy-to-read plastic letters that are lined up in neat rows to display any message. They are perfect for a busy street or other outdoor areas because they can be seen from far away. To ensure that the community stays informed and knows whose message is being presented, models can be purchased with the logo of any institution on top.

Every classroom needs a blackboard or whiteboard. Each of these options has distinct advantages, and the right choice ultimately depends on which material an individual prefers. Wall-mounted boards remain in place so they are always ready for use when needed for class. Free-standing boards are convenient because they can be moved around so any space can be transformed into a functional classroom. They also offer the advantage of having two whole sides to write on. When one side is full of notes and information, the board can simply be flipped over and there is a whole new, clean writing space.

Dry erase boards come in a selection of materials. If you just need a space to write notes at the front of the conference room, a regular white board will do the job. However, if you want the ability to hang up papers and signs as well, a magnetic whiteboard is the way to go. With this option, papers can be posted in a highly-visible space without damaging the surface of the board.

In the modern era, more and more teachers and professionals are using audio visual equipment rather than relying solely on boards. When presenting a slideshow or clip in a class or meeting it is important to make sure that the images are displayed clearly. With a white projection screen, you can ensure that no marks on the wall or board will interfere with the presentation. Motorized wall-mounted projector screens take up very little room when not in use and are easy to arrange when needed.

In addition to having various boards and display spaces, Aarco also offers some convenient library furniture. Plastic literature racks offer a great place for magazines, pamphlets and brochures. They can be mounted on the wall of a library, entryway or waiting room so clients and visitors can get all of the information they need. Whether you are promoting community events, offering special services, or simply supplying information, a brochure rack can always come in handy.

Hertz Furniture is proud to present a great selection of office and school furniture from Aarco. With functional display and presentation spaces, information can be conveyed in a clear and organized way so everyone will stay informed. If you need help determining the optimal board size or surface material, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.