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What does an overhead projector do? Transparency projectors can turn any document or picture into a clear visual aid. Hertz Furniture offers both open-head and closed-head projectors. Open-head projectors provide maximum brightness. A closed-head projector will protect against fingerprints, tampering, dust and other pollutants.

Overhead projectors offer a number of distinct advantages that make them a great choice for today's school or business. They will work well in virtually any classroom, training room, lecture hall or auditorium. A dependable over head projector is sure to be appreciated by teachers, lecturers and presenters.

Any teacher can attest to the difficulty of writing on the board while a class is in session. Although it is often desirable to share information in stages, writing on the board usually requires instructors to turn their backs to the audience, which might cause students to lose focus and take advantage of the reduced supervision. Additionally, Whiteboards and chalkboards can be a challenge to write on because it is hard to determine what the size of writing should be and to write in a straight and clear fashion. An overhead projector offers more flexibility than a whiteboard, without the complications.

What are the benefits of using transparencies?

When you use an overhead, material is projected from transparencies. This arrangement lets you prepare written slides in advance so instructors don't have to turn their backs to provide organized written information. Part of the slide can simply be covered up with a paper which is removed slowly as more information is required. Transparencies are the same size as regular paper so teachers don't have to worry about their writing being big enough, and it is easier for them to write in straight lines. This convenient sizing also enables one to print directly onto a transparency from most regular printers and copy machines. An additional benefit of this system is that it allows educators in a collaborative teaching arrangement to prepare material together in advance and make sure lessons run smoothly, as planned.

Using a transparency projector also offers the additional advantage of layering. Because the transparencies are see-through, you can put one slide directly on top of the other and still see whatever is written on both layers. This is exceptionally helpful in a science classroom or strategy meeting where charts and graphs are used to organize information, because more and more layers can be added to a graph to show changes over time in an understandable way. Additionally, unlike a digital slideshow, you can easily change the order of your transparencies right in the middle of a lecture. This provides maximum flexibility when arranging an event where you want to prepare for a number of contingencies.

How does an overhead projector work?

In order to project paper-size transparencies onto a surface that is visible to everyone in the room, an over head projector is necessary. When the light is on, transparencies that are placed on the bottom platform are projected clearly onto a whiteboard or screen opposite the projector. The focus can then be easily adjusted to ensure that the writing is clear to all.

Overhead projectors can be used to reach audiences of different sizes. Whether your presentation is taking place in a small classroom, a lecture hall or an auditorium, you can easily ensure that the information is visible to all attendees without making any technical adjustments or purchasing any additional equipment. By simply adjusting the focus of the overhead via a conveniently-placed knob, you can ensure that the size of the writing that is projected onto the screen or board is easily readable.

Although there are many benefits to having technology in the classroom or training room, some teachers and professionals are still baffled by computers and other modern electronics. Unlike complicated systems of wires and programs, overhead projectors are simple to operate, even for those who are technologically-challenged. With this convenient tool, there is no need to learn special programs or worry about unexpected shutdowns. An overhead transparency projector is the perfect option for those educators who are not quite ready for blended learning, but still want the benefits of a neat, organized, visible lesson.

What is a good company for overhead projectors?

Hamilton Buhl overhead projectors are designed for clear visibility and easy operation. They have an adjustable focus so you can center images on the board or screen and a fold-down arm for easy transport and storage. You can choose from over head projectors with different Lumens outputs depending on how bright you need the projection to be. The ideal choice ultimately depends on how much light you want to have in the room during presentations.

At Hertz Furniture, we know that every teacher and professional has unique preferences when it comes to presentation equipment. We offer a great selection of overhead projectors so each person can find the model that suits their particular requirements. If you need help choosing the optimal transparency projectors for your school or business, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.